Outnumbered 8/25/16 FULL: Clinton Foundation Donors Exposed! Bill Clinton Defends Corruption! 1

Outnumbered 8/25/16 FULL: Clinton Foundation Donors Exposed! Bill Clinton Defends Corruption!


Outnumbered 8/25/16 full episode: Outnumbered guest John Bolton, Donald Trump calls out Hillary Clinton and the democrats for using black americans and hispanics as just votes, the Clinton Foundation exposed for pay to play with large donors to the supposed charity, Clinton Foundation corruption, Bill Clinton defends the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton admits there's a lot of smoke around her and the Clinton Foundation but no fire, media bias show favoritism towards Hillary, Donald Trump illegal immigration plan.

Fox News – Outnumbered – August 25, 2016 – Full Episode



    1. What Debates? Hillary has not held a press release in over 250 days and
      refused to participate in a debate with Bernie Sanders. She is responding
      by phone and not allowing reporters to question her. You really think she
      will participate in any debates? She thinks her election is in the bag and
      perhaps the fix is in as it was for the primaries.

  1. There was one particularly absurd comment at the end about “sliming”
    Iranian military. To answer the woman’s question, the reason that hasn’t
    happened is because…wait for it…Iranian military are not trespassing
    into American waters. If the Iranian’s did what the American military did,
    they would’ve found themselves in the same position, if not worse.

  2. Hillary iniated the birther issue. She claims Robert Byrd as her mentor.
    Bill had J. William Fulbright for his. She has recognized a black racist
    Marxist organization in BLM, she has attended and spoken at Al Sharpton’s
    organization. She has a Muslim Brotherhood member as her closest adviser,
    Huma Abedin and did so while at State.

    She perjured herself before Congress and lied to the FBI. She destroyed
    evidence after being subpoenaed. She lied to the family of the Benghazi
    dead, and concocted the preposterous You Tube video story further lying to
    the American people. That’s just the recent stuff. You can go back forty
    years for a lot more. She is corrupt to the core.

  3. I really can’t stand Hitlery. That narcissistic, self loathing, murdering,
    treasonous, theiving, lying sack of crap has NO business being in the

  4. Hillary has done nothing to better black people in this country. The only
    thing she has done is enriched supposed black leadership with bribery. The
    black leadership has willfully sold their voting block out to benefit the
    few. The only thing Hillary has done well is “bring them to Heel”.

  5. Hillary may have Donald’s missteps to quote but Donald can open up a
    history book and find the countless failures and perpetuated socioeconomic
    segregation of minorities in cities governed by a Democrat or Democrat
    majority. Overwhelming evidence That cannot be excused by an intelligent

  6. John Bolton is now working for Fox? Bolton as Bush’s advisor to Iraq was a
    failure and heavily responsible for policies that got us into this endless
    war. Anything he says has little credibility.

  7. These agents of social engineering push BS and then pretend that that
    someplace somewhere there’s a human on Earth gullible enough who’s buying.

  8. Why you people say we need to call terrorist by their name, yet you still
    refuse to call these donors by their names. Hitlery crime family
    supporters, who should also be convicted for aiding this criminal and Obama
    in their treasonous actions, and the biggest of all, Being Traitors who
    support the down fall of our nation, while Obama supports terror groups by
    the billions of dollars. We know who the domestic enemies are now, it’s
    this Whole bought and paid for Administration of Vipers, right down the
    line of their criminal foundations.. DAAAAAA what’s up doc mentality still
    in confronting these crime families and friends. God save us from your not
    wanting to address the real enemies of this nation.

  9. I keep asking myself over and over “THIS is the person the Democrats are
    putting up for POTUS?!?!?!” I know she’s just an employee for the corporate
    interests, like most career politicians. But what has she EVER done that
    people can point to and say “That’s why she’s the best person for the job.”
    As far as I can see all she does is slip and slide from one scandal to the

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