‘Outrageous Use Of State Power’: GOP Fears College Educated Voters 1

‘Outrageous Use Of State Power’: GOP Fears College Educated Voters


“[Republicans] have a political problem: winning over college educated voters,” says Chris Hayes. “But as opposed to thinking about what that would mean for reformulating the party … the solution they come up with is to take the sledgehammer of the state to the institutions of higher education.”
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  1. DeSantis talking about critical thinking is just laughably stupid. He doesn’t even know what that is.

    1. DeSantis will be our next President. And honestly the restrictions for COVID were way over blown and he did something to fix it.

    2. I hope one of the survey questions is rating Ron DeSantis from 1-10: 1 being a a complete moron and everything wring with American politics, 10 being an INcomplete moron and everything wring with American politics.

      My answer to any survey? I’m a grownass adult paying for an overpriced, devalued education and you, as a partisan government whackjob have ZERO right to know what I’m thinking. You do your think, and I’ll vote accordingly. But I’m not giving you bs polling data so you can tweak your lies.

    1. Consider the potential impact of the 40,000,000 who are at this moment 18 to 27 years old. Consider the 16 and 17 year olds who will be 18 and able to register to vote in 2022. Consider the 14 to 15 year olds who will be 18 and able to register to vote in 2024. Help them meet their voter ID requirements in red States. They need to vote for living wages!

  2. He just said he didn’t want critical thinkers, then said he wanted critical thinking, he obviously isn’t capable of critical thinking.

    1. for DeSantis “criitcal thinking” might be translated as “growing a third Neuron so the critical mass for ANY thinking can be reached”

    1. He has power over the certification of public school teachers. He has power over some of the college/university budgets.

    2. Universities produced just too many antiAmerican idiots who scream racism when they have no argument.

  3. DeSantis claims he doesn’t want “hotbeds for stale ideology” in higher education? Does he not realize what the republican party has become?

    1. Is this a hate half the citizens of our great Country comment section? Is that all it takes to be welcome here?

    2. You know, to some extent you are absolutely 100% correct. Even so, such a thing does not automatically justify trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. And if you’ll recall, every generation believes that it knows more than the previous generation. History has shown, here and elsewhere, it does not behoove us to throw away everything from the past in our efforts to reimagine our future. Our system of government was formed with the idea that we should all be able to find common ground.

    3. @John Phelps – But it must be with respect to the overarching principles of the Constitution, Rule of Law and humane principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. We must not allow any restrictive measures which cause ignorance thereby enabling a Tyranny of the Mind that I think Jefferson mentioned. That’s why DeSantis’s rhetoric concers me.

    1. Look at Floridas sucess before ,during and after the pandemic compared to blue states!!!…..i rest my case

    2. @MegaSmk I for one am thankful that we got him for our governor. Don’t forget that his married opponent was found overdosing on meth with a white male prostitute (no charges of course since there was a D after his name). We can only imagine the chaos Florida would have been in if we would have had a meth head for a governor during covid

  4. There never has been any such thing as “conservative arts.” Conservatives are terrified of change and are ALWAYS on the wrong side of history.

    1. They’re on the reich-side of history. That’s why they have to constantly whitewash it, gaslight, blame shift and faux outrage.

    2. @phiksit Ah yes, because we want restrictions, more government spending, tax hikes, and government education to continue to be the norm.

    3. @Solstice of Snow
      You may want to look at the increase of the deficit during frumps reign. The gop has never balanced the budget in my lifetime.

  5. So what he basically said was…

    “My racist patrons whose children have grown up only around racists go to college and realize that racism is horrible once they interact with a melting pot of people and my party can’t have that.”

    1. Its all about race and racism with the democrats….who by far are the real racist … the real racist are the people who make and turn everything into a race issue like dumocrats do

    2. @isiah waller I noticed that as well. It happens when you see governors Kemp and Abbott signing laws too.

    3. Love the opinion news showing viewers how bad the other side is. R’s are totally racist. People are as racist as they are. It isn’t openly a problem for most but isn’t a zero problem either.
      “Our enemies r perfect for us” some scholar.

    1. @pippinhill either way it’s still a thing google it. Ijs don’t try n discredit the fact that I was making a point on ppl with degrees still are just as stupid if you don’t believe that life starts at fertilization. But o well

    2. @Charlie Barkin he got his info from Fauci and CNN already admitted to exaggerating the numbers some of those ppl died from heart disease and cancer. They were lying. Look at how many ppl die from heart disease per year in the US every year. Why all of the sudden did it stop. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. And on top of that some of those families were censored because they were trying to tell ppl how their loves ones really died and they couldn’t. My advice is stop watching CNN.

    3. @Cati Kat Trump got his info from CNN? Really? How many times has he called it ‘fake news’ and the ‘enemy of the people’? Why even bother with such a ridiculous lie?

      Well, it turns out, 600,000+ American died under his unwatchful eye. I guess donald was the real enemy of the people afterall, what a surprise.

    4. @Charlie Barkin no he got his info from Fauci then CNN already admitted to exaggerating the numbers. You get it now. Yes CNN is very much so fake news. He was right.

  6. Reality has a well-known liberal bias. Send your kids to learn and think critically, and yes, they tend to become more liberal.

    1. That might well be because conservatives have not had an original idea since the Eisenhower Administration. Tell me, other than tax cuts and rolling everything back to some “wonderous yesterday” can you tell me anything that they have created from nothing that has made anything better? And that “wonderous yesterday”, was that really better for everybody or just “the people that matter”?

  7. So did Little Ronnie waste the money spent at Harvard and Yale for his education? Since he came out as a facist.

    1. Not sure GOPlings ever went to university for “learning”… they go there to “network” and form the initial bonds of their later life criminal career.
      Look at them… Paul, Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz… allegedly all with a prime education at the best schools money and daddy’s golf buddies can get you into… but why do they all look so terribly stupid all the time? Sure, a bit of that may be an act for their intellectual-hostile voter pool… but how much can really come from acting and how much must come natural to them?

    1. @Leonie Romanes These people(Republicans) are starting to really frighten me. I need to hear some strong,confident speech from Democrats.

    2. @Brianna Kelly Yes, just ask your whistle blowers, who informed us about torture in US or war crimes in Iraq

  8. This guy is a dangerous person. We need to make sure he doesn’t get elected to anything again.

    1. @Ugly German Truths You talking about how Governor Cuomo killed all the elderly by sending covid into the nursing homes

    2. @booker dooleyAmerican’s bank accounts would say different. Fuel prices say different, pipeline workers would not agree with you.

  9. Republicans’ “tell” is that they always start screaming what they’re about to do . . . “Cancel culture! Cancel culture!” Ta – da! There you go.

  10. Do not vote for DeSantis, ever. He’s trying to control our thoughts. How stupid is this man.

    1. @onceuponalake follow your pied piper all he wants is to climb his master ladder . Praying he don’t when his leadership sucks and racists.

    2. Too much lead in the water. Something is influencing this bizarre behavior across the country.


  11. So not only are they Living in the past, they want everybody ELSE to do so too. So much for “Freedom”

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