‘Overly Candid’: GOP Congressman On Trump Releasing Iran Details To Fox News | MSNBC

‘Overly Candid’: GOP Congressman On Trump Releasing Iran Details To Fox News | MSNBC 1


In an MSNBC interview, Republican Representative Tom Reed says he is “not concerned” with shifting White House rationales for the attack on Iranian General Gen. Qassem Soleimani, adding that the “President was overly candid” by sharing certain contested details on Fox News. Aired on 01/13/20.
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‘Overly Candid’: GOP Congressman On Trump Releasing Iran Details To Fox News | MSNBC

60 Comments on "‘Overly Candid’: GOP Congressman On Trump Releasing Iran Details To Fox News | MSNBC"

  1. Trump: “It might could’ve possibly been an imminent threat, in a hypothetically speaking sense, based on specific information that we don’t have, but we know was real. I hope that clears everything up.”

    Trump will be remembered as the most prolific liar in recorded history.
    The State Department has stated that it received no information or warnings about an imminent threat to any of it’s embassies.
    Let’s be clear, If the State Department is saying that they received no warnings or information about an imminent threat, that means there was definitely no imminent threat at all. And anyone who has ever served overseas at a US Embassy knows this. Because if there was an imminent threat as Trump and his sycophants are claiming, but yet they failed to alert the State Department and our embassies, then that is a serious problem.

    • @Angry Mark Ceaser Soleimani sounds like he was one evil POS. There’s one big problem though, he hated us but hated ISIS more and was keeping them out of Iraq. What happens now? Only time will tell.

    • You are spot on, David, but I don’t think trump would ever know the word, “hypothetically”, let alone pronounce it and could never ever spell it!!

    • @Angry Mark Ceaser THAT’S the problem-him taking things into his own hands. It’s not that anyone will mourn the general, he was an evil man-it’s the way it was done. There are procedures in place to allow us to get our troops and innocents to safety, our intelligence agents in the best places to pass us info, and to notify/allow our allies to do the same while positioning themselves to our advantage. Trump just bumbled through, destroying decades of complex negotiations, subtle influence, and actual lives lost to gain us those things. Then he decided he wasn’t going to leave after sending a letter saying we’re leaving? That doesn’t show our enemies “our strength” it shows them his stupidity.

    • @Angry Mark Ceaser bs

    • I think kushner was over there, found out Soleimani was meeting with the filthy Saudis for a peace talk and told his orange pig of a father in law where and when he’d be an easy target.

  2. This Russian loving Republican is lying he should be voted out 2020 vote him out

  3. Tomorrow, t’rump will say the imminent attack was based on the fact that at some point in the future, those Americans won’t be alive anymore.

  4. Elaine Johnson | January 13, 2020 at 11:53 PM | Reply

    More than 15,000 documented LIES since Trump has been President and 3,500 LAWSUITS BEFORE he was appointed President and we are STILL COUNTING. And, they still believe in this Conman and Fraud!!!

    • Liberalovsky Fredo Moscowitch | January 14, 2020 at 12:21 AM | Reply

      And yet, you can’t name even 1% of those lies nor can you show or name a single crime he has committed.
      Don’t worry, we already know you’re pretending to be dumb. Mentally illness is a serious problem among Liberals. LMAO!!!

    • John Goldsworthy | January 14, 2020 at 12:36 AM | Reply

      @Liberalovsky Fredo Moscowitch Trump-Russia Investigation 15 months 34 Indictments/Charges (Individuals) (and counting) 3 Indictments/Charges (Companies) 5 GUILTY pleas (and counting) 4 CONVICTIONS (and counting)
      Indicted: Roger Stone Convicted
      Indicted: Paul Manafort Convicted
      Indicted: Rick Gates
      Indicted: George Papadopoulos
      Indicted: Michael Flynn
      Indicted: Michael Cohen
      Indicted: Richard Pinedo
      Indicted: Alex van der Zwaan
      Indicted: Konstantin Kilimnik
      Indicted: 12 Russian GRU officers
      Indicted: Yevgeny Prigozhin
      Indicted: Mikhail Burchik
      Indicted: Aleksandra Krylova
      Indicted: Anna Bogacheva
      Indicted: Sergey Polozov
      Indicted: Maria Bovda
      Indicted: Dzheykhun Aslanov
      Indicted: Vadim Podkopaev
      Indicted: Irina Kaverzina
      Indicted: Gleb Vasilchenko
      Indicted: Internet Research Agency
      Indicted: Concord Management
      Guilty Plea: Michael Flynn
      Guilty Plea: Michael Cohen
      Guilty Plea: George Papadopolous
      Guilty Plea: Richard Pinedo
      Guilty Plea: Alex van der Zwaan
      Guilty Plea: Rick Gates
      Over 191 Criminal Charges (and counting):
      Conspiracy against the USA (2 counts)
      Conspiracy to launder money (2 counts)
      Bank fraud (8 counts)
      Bank fraud conspiracy (10 counts)
      Subscribing to false tax returns (10 counts)
      Making false statements (6 counts)
      Failure to file reports of foreign bank accounts (14 counts)
      Unregistered agent of a foreign principal (2 counts)
      False FARA statements (2 counts)
      Subscribing to false tax returns (10 counts)
      Assisting in preparation of false tax documents (5 counts)
      Conspiracy to defraud the United States (13 counts)
      Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud (2 counts)
      Aggravated identity theft (24 counts)

    • @John Goldsworthy well dam!!😂😂

  5. Ya mon Da Troll | January 13, 2020 at 11:54 PM | Reply

    I’m surprised that republicans are still willing to go on national news and show the world just how dumb and corrupt they are.

    • @In CogNito So says the sheep, who believe every piece of propaganda Trump spews out. We all see where Germany got when they had the same type leader,

    • Ohnoitsthatguy | January 14, 2020 at 7:44 PM | Reply

      @In CogNito pot meet kettle

    • @Patricia roe You mean the Naz1 *socialist* anti- *semite* party? The party of fake news and dehumanizing opposition? Right… Just another leftist projection (mental illness)

    • @Patricia roe You’re not allowed to use the “naz1” card after declaring yourselves anti semites. Your card has been revoked

  6. Donald Trump = the biggest leaker in the White House.

    He leaks everything.

  7. Are there any unreal Americans?
    So tired of the sycophants.

    • Agreed – I occasionally view MSNBC broadcasts to gauge where the “Sycophants” are at these days. In my opinion – the propaganda generated by MSNBC over the last several years even surpasses that which Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and many of the other leftist nutjobs of history past generated, which is really saying something.

    • @Kelly _41m what complete bollocks

    • @my turn If you can’t see it, you’re too close

    • @Kelly _41m give an example?

  8. Adam Biggerstaff | January 14, 2020 at 12:10 AM | Reply

    that must be some good kool-aid they serve in the white house

  9. I bet this guy would be comfortable giving head to secure his position.

  10. “overly candid” well there you go – its the media’s fault, victimising poor old Trumpy again.

    • @You : Go back and re-read what @Ganiscol wrote. You clearly have a comprehension problem

    • Victimizing trump? So trump is the victim and Iran is the suspect?

      Trumper logic 😂😂😂

    • @You Calm down! Ganiscol agrees with you. He’s not a troll and he can’t stand drumpf, either.

    • @Cort I do too. drumpf and his pathetic enablers own 100% of the disaster he created.

    • @kodoxlucu
      Learn to pronounce
      the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
      “she didn’t like the note of sarcasm in his voice”

      the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

  11. The smug know all Pence face says everything you need to know

  12. You can make people stop second guessing by just sharing the intel. Simple as that. Even if we disagree, the intel will show you were correct.


    • The worst is they never even sent in any protection, no Marines, to safe guard the lives at any Embassies in “Imminent danger”

  13. El CHE Freedom | January 14, 2020 at 12:45 AM | Reply

    Did that troll just say “inimint”? #fakepotus #traitortrump & #fakepotushelpingtraitors must all be removed

  14. robert gilleland | January 14, 2020 at 12:54 AM | Reply

    And still the GOP, after being called out, BS their way through an interview. Is there one, single, honest Republican congressman/woman that will speak with truth???

    • You must not be very bright pal.

    • NO. The one who did: Justin Amash, quit the filthy party to go independent.

    • robert gilleland You mean an honest congresswoman like ilhan Omar?? 🤣 Sorry, but your stupidity makes it too easy! It’s a reason why Satans Islam can find a resting place within the Democratic Party! That’s perfectly understandable!

    • robert gilleland | January 14, 2020 at 8:44 PM | Reply

      @True Core It should be TRUE BOOR, trotting out the usual Trumplican crap. I’m sure you’re sorry but your own ridiculous argument proves ignorance equal to those in the GOP, without doubt.

  15. Everything Trump calls his opponents applies to himself. Shifty Donald. Lock him up!

  16. Trump authorized Soleimani’s killing 7 months ago!!

  17. Everblue Freediving | January 14, 2020 at 1:55 AM | Reply

    Guess he didn’t hear that the Secretary of Defense said there was no imminent threat….

  18. Lol look how the congressman almost turned stupid when Ari threw the fox news statment on him lol…..lol

  19. How many days before Esper is out? Once someone contradicts Emperor Trump he is a goner.

  20. How many times has Kim from North Korea threatened America. They are raised to hate Americans. They have museums dedicated to being anti – American . Google it.

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