Oxygen Crisis Averted... for How Long? | TVJ News - August 30 2021 1

Oxygen Crisis Averted… for How Long? | TVJ News – August 30 2021


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    1. Why not just produce our own oxygen? Your imaginary friend sweet Jesus isn’t going to intervene! Never has and he never will because he only exist in your head !!

    2. @Chris Page the supply on the island, IGL Ltd. recently increased their capacity to produce O2, but the recent spike in covid cases has caused the demand to outstrip the ability to supply. They are trying to fill need by importing the gas, but like he said, everyone has demand right now.
      Edit: the state of Florida has recently asked homeowners to use less water, as the supply of O2 they use for water treatment is low, and they are having a hard time filling their need due to the hospital demand, which has more than doubled.

  1. As a physician with over 30 years of experience, an effective Emergency Preparedness Plan will only work if competent personnel are proactive. Low on oxygen should not have been on the news, if people were doing their job, oxygen would not have been low to where it’s a news report.

  2. come on look how long uno a pon earth, make uno own oxygen, uno just good fi nothing, all nuff a them fool fool people yah, uno no love freedom uno get free oxygen out a door fi breath but instead uno waa go party fi end a hospital and get pay for oxygen out a cylinder

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