Ozzy Osbourne breaks silence on Parkinson’s diagnosis | USA TODAY

Ozzy Osbourne breaks silence on Parkinson's diagnosis | USA TODAY 1


  1. Dear USA Today
    Thank you for posting.
    Oh dear.
    Poor Ozzy. 😕
    If it helps.
    *True Story*
    I have lower back pain on a daily basis.
    Mainly from the abuse given from others, and neglect.
    Doctors and psychiatrists have pilled me up beyond *all* human recognition.
    They even tried electrodes, which severed some nerves.

    I threw every drug away that they gave me back in February 2018.
    I’m 47 years old but some days feel like 110.
    I refuse *any* doctor now.
    “Drugs are bad.. mm kay”
    Quote from the cartoon:
    “South Park”
    I live with the pain
    Sometimes, I cry too.
    *Always* question those big Pharma drugs.
    I recieved help online from kind folks online in Switzerland whom know chemicals are *very* bad.
    They saved my life when nobody in person would.
    If it isn’t natural.
    It isn’t right in the head.
    Much love 💕
    “Under the Graveyard”
    And from
    Under a
    “Flat Rock”
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  2. I watched that GMA interview and wanted to see what this network had to say. I think Ozzy feels an obligation to his fans to keep making music and performing but, on the other hand, it’s his passion. This fan wants him to focus on what’s best for him, not what we want. I hope a cure for Parkinson’s is discovered soon. Here’s an article on Parkinson’s, if you’re interested:https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/parkinsons-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20376055

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