Pain in Paradise: Alligator Pond Story – Property for Sale | TVJ News – June 6 2022

Pain in Paradise: Alligator Pond Story - Property for Sale | TVJ News - June 6 2022 1


  1. When ever these new investors see we appreciate specific area they always sell them, you could have a cliff edge beach 🏝 with sharp rocks 🪨 at the bottom with high strong waves 🌊 these investors would come and buy this dangerous location because they see we appreciate it

  2. They always say it create jobs for locals. Who says everyone wants to work at a resort? Maybe people just want to go to the beach or river and relax. Interesting that this was “always private” though.

  3. The property may be private but the beaches and rivers shoul not be. The government of Jamaica needs to stand up for the rights of the people and the people need to strongly protest against this. In other Caribbean islands the natives have access to the beaches and rivers but in Jamaica, it’s a totally different story. This is just ridiculous. What will be left for the local citizens to enjoy for free? Everything cannot be about Tourism and money. Jamaican people, get up and stand up together for your rights. March and shout loudly. Mek nuff noise. If the Prime Minister and MP for this area don’t speak up against this, VOTE THEM OUT. People of Jamaica, stop accepting crap. If you continue to take things laying down, you will always get walked over.

    1. That Dem vote fah , everybody jump up vote in election then then government don’t business with unu what The Sense of vote? Dem reason is vote for worse instead better people all Jamaican must vote fi a piece of Land instead of 1 box food😧😆

  4. All the community needs to do is come together and buy it
    It can’t be that hard

    1. Dream on, one thing i know about Jamaicans, they lack unity, my next question is, who owns the land? If it is a private property then the owners can sell if they see fit, if ots own by the government (the people) then and only then the people can protest the sale, but in the mean time the people need to talk with their member of parliament for the area to find out what is going on.

  5. That’s why we need a government that looks out for the people of the country and not only their friends in high place.

  6. You can’t look at this one way the fact that the owner was allowing them to enjoy them self for free for so long why is there a big problem when the person want sell him place appreciate the fact that you was there and move on everything a change alot of ppl want sell them thing and migrate cause this ya government not helping the ppl them prefer to self we out then expect us to vote for them come election blame the government

  7. We live on a island that there selling with out concern if it affects us the people of this island. The government do really care about there own people we are here to only here to fix it up for the visitors who come here.

  8. I think the owner should have informed the community. He/she was very generous to them but it was the right thing to do.

  9. The government should build a proper park on that land. Give the people of that area a proper recreational area, and access to the river and the ocean.

    1. This is not the government’s land, it’s a private property and the private owners sold the property. The new owners wants to develop this land, what’s the uproar except there no equitable system of ownership and management here. The government building parks and proper public recreational facilities is necessary yes, however comparing Jamaica to other Caribbean nations where beach is public is another story. Many of us Jamaican theif, destroy everything without accountability and not wanting to pay for fair use access which in turn works for upkeep, reinvestment and redevelopment. Often the only option left is privatize because private entities will not tolerate theft, negligent destruction and lack of accountability and that’s for all the user and managers alike. Only by privatization will this place live up to it potential given the absence of all necessary public interest and input.

  10. I go different countries and i can access the beaches for free. The government sell we out all the time.

  11. Jamaica for sale 💰 Nothing new here. What we need to do as Jamaicans is make billions so we can buy back our island…

  12. As a Jamaican having lived in St. Lucia and currently living in Antigua for some time, I have been impressed that any development that is to occur on their coastline, high end villa or hotel, it is by law that public beach access should be granted and implemented in their designs. There is no such thing as a private beach. Why aren’t these laws implemented back home?

  13. I’m singing Dennis Brown song. “Do you know what it means to have a revolution and what it takes to make a solution, fighting against oppression.”

  14. That so wrong. What will we Jamaicans have to ourselves they’re trying to sell out our entire island.

  15. Jamaica is the ONLY Island in the Caribbean without free access to the beaches for its citizens.

  16. Lord please protect our natural resources from the greedy and corrupt. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!!!

  17. These people like to voice their opinion when something happens. They were swimming for years and they were building on private property as well. They never ask about the owner. WHO IS PAYING THE TAXES CAN I BUILD HERE. I HAVE VISITED ALIGATOR POND FOR LOBSTERS FOOD WAS GOOD WASHROOM WAS TERRIBLE, I NEVER GO BACK. WAKE UP JAMAICA FREE NESS NEVER LAST. THE LAND IS PRIVAT AND HE PAY HIS PROPERTY TAX HE OWES THE COMMUNITY AND OUT SIDE BEACH GOERS NOTHING.

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