Pallister calls COVID-19 rule breakers selfish: ‘Get with the program’

Pallister calls COVID-19 rule breakers selfish: 'Get with the program' 1


'Grow up and stop going out there and giving people COVID': Man. Premier Pallister blasted those ignoring medical advice as cases in the province surge.

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28 Comments on "Pallister calls COVID-19 rule breakers selfish: ‘Get with the program’"

  1. 99.9 percent of those who catch the covid in California survive: that’s not a pandemic….

    • Case fatality is number of deaths divided by number of cases. According to today’s metrics on the California Department of Health website, a rough estimate of case fatality rate is ~1.9%. This is better than the national average but nowhere near the 0.1% you claim. I invite you to check the numbers and do the math yourself.

    • @john15008 The percentage rate was the focus in the court date of Grace to you church vs Ca. Look it up for yourself. What is the matter, you can handle the truth? lol

    • @J J What does “Grace to you church vs Ca.” have to do with your 99.9% claim…? A pastor is not exactly qualified to interpret epidemiological data. Perhaps you’ve given up on that silliness. Anyway, Per just gave you the most up-to-date numbers. I just checked them myself, did the math and he’s correct.

    • @john15008 No but their lawyer does lol

    • @john15008 And the reason I bring them up because they are one of the few who are challenging the state on these issues. It doesnt add up and in the court of law they are prevailing against the state for obvious reasons….

  2. Sacrifice You’re Freedom, for a False sense of Security. OR ELSE!!!!!

  3. New world order propaganda

  4. Melissa Williamson | October 26, 2020 at 4:51 PM | Reply

    Your rules are authoritarian!

  5. Yes you get with the program masks don’t work and either do lockdowns

  6. Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight.. I suppose it just can’t be helped in someone with a superiority complex :).

  7. sancte laurenti- Warning Second Coming JesusCHRIST | October 26, 2020 at 5:02 PM | Reply


  8. It is simple… this politician should merely adhere to the laws that we have, and not advocate for new ones.

  9. Hey CHURCH you hear that??? Apparently we are STUBBORN and IMMATURE!!!

  10. What a sad excuse for a “leader”. We are in deep trouble in Canada, the insane are running the asylum.

  11. Scamdemic

  12. Thanks Premier for calling out negligent public health measure flouting for what it is: selfish and stupid.

  13. This guy is as fake as this so called pandemic.

  14. Seen the case totals lately? While the confirmed cases are skyrocketing the number in hospitals & ICUs are not and the number of deaths is very low. If the program is to cut transmission it isn’t working.

  15. Say that to Patty, who walks around airport without a mask lol

  16. Fear mongering at its finest.

  17. He is not wearing a mask, why doesn’t he get with the program… what a hypocrite !

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