‘Panicked autocrat’: European parliament president reacts to Russia’s missile strikes

International leaders are reacting to Russia’s missile attacks on Kyiv and across other Ukrainian cities. President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola tweeted that “what is happening now in Kyiv is sickening. It shows the world, again, the regime we are faced with: One that targets indiscriminately. One that rains terror & death down on children. This is criminal.” #CNN #News


  1. That Ukraine takes out a tactical bridge, and Putin retaliates by killing civilians with missiles, tells me that emotionally he’s at a very early age of moral and emotional development.

    1. @R Unrau glad i could help. Now ask yourself where the video of the successful 65 or so strikes are. It’s all on video. Somewhere?

    1. It is nazis are attacking Russia the same way they did in 1941. Let see if Russia can defend itself as they did in 1945

  2. The bridge was/is being used to transport military equipment and was attacked in the early hours of the morning when it was mostly empty. Russia attacked civilians during morning rush hour.

    1. @Игорь Махов Если ты так любишь Россию и Путина что готов за это умереть.

      Вступай в ряды Армии России и заключи в военкомате контракт об участии в специальной военной операции на Украине. Там ждут таких как ты.
      В противном случае и перестань сеять враньё про ответственность Украины перед Россией за Минские соглашения которые не исполнялись со стороны России.

  3. As a German I have to say the following: We have a special responsibility towards Russia because of the past in WW2. Excessive delivery of arms only feeds Russian propaganda.
    On the other hand, if Germany continues to do as little as it has done up until now, they will again be supporting a dictator in Europe. Of all the countries in Europe, Germany is in the most difficult situation.

    1. @Rui Craveiro You are absolutely right-i don`t want to defense the failed german energy politics. But just imagine the effect of 180 Leopard tanks in the Ukraine for the propaganda in Ukraine.

    2. @Montetank Tankkiller Why is that even an issue? Are you really worried that people that lie for a living may use those 180 Leopard tanks to say that NATO and the collective west are the enemy? Well, they already said it, so it will not make a difference. On the other hand, Putin, just like any thug, only respects force. Just think about it. Everytime Putin had a military success, his popularity increased. We need him to have a tremendous military defeat. The greater the military capability Ukraine gets and the greater military capability we display, the less able Putin will be to continue his imperial ambitions. It’s called deterrence.

      Finally, of course I am afraid of nuclear weapons. But if he is shown that their use will be devastating to himself personally, he will not use them. He is a coward, not a suicide.

  4. I am an Irish Republican Democrat who lives in Dublin Ireland, and is a proud European, To me war is the worst part of the struggle for our humanity , As horrible as it is history has shown us what happens when you don’t stand up to bullies,

  5. I love her straight forward attitude and I agree with her basically on everything! GodSpeed to Ukraine and keep up the great fight!! 🇺🇦

  6. Good that she finally realised that Putin has no limits, better late than never. I mean Bucha was already a good indication, no?

  7. The European parliament stands with Ukraine, and they will continue to agree with the US & UK sending all the military and financial aid they can to Ukraine. Meanwhile Germany and France issue some harsh words of condemnation.

  8. My favorite thing is Putin calling the bridge strike a terrorist attack but these missile strikes are justified in his mind.

    1. @Walter Moise attack on a bridge built to support Russian military occupation of crimea, used as the main military supply line for Russia invasion army, in the early morning hours when the civilian traffic would be the lightest

  9. Europe has a lot of ‘cowards’ living in a ‘over protected’-bubble. (I am a European). Let’s hope some show courage and are prepared to make sacrifices (small inconveniences as compared to what Ukraine people are going through) that make a difference in this conflict. To the European leaders: Show strength, do not fear Putin’s narrative. As a retired Military, I know there is a motivated bunch of soldiers ready – willing and able -to act.

    1. The shame is that there are many of us who would go fight in Ukraine if we could and as you say many who are able would fight if given the opportunity. I can’t but I have my own way of supporting Ukraine. 🇺🇦🌻

  10. Spot on interview. This should be a wake up call. Putin can’t be placated. Europe needs to respond more strongly

    1. @Psybo the trickster It is the same ideology that attacked Russia in 1941 not the people. But ideology was carried out. Russians made terrible mistake in 1941 not organizing and paid it with 27 million people. Now they are not stupid that much to allow the same mistake to happen again

    2. @Calisto No it is not. They supported hitler to destroy Russia and when it didnt work then they started fighting against Hitler. France was quiet British were quiet but when they saw that Hitler is loosing then they started to resist.

    3. @Simon Cheesemonkey No it is not it is the same country. The difference is that Russians didnt take precaution in 1941 hoping that Hitler will not attack
      They paid it with 27 million lives. This time they at least took initial attack to prevent what happened in 1941

    4. @slavonskibecar okay… I don’t speak for millions of people no longer here, so I’ll take your word for it👍

  11. Politicians don’t find solutions, they just talk and talk, to prolong the suffering. We all know what needs to happen here.

  12. Even Australia has sent bushmaster vehicles into Ukraine, and I might add they are being used quite effectively. If a country that far away can help. it astounds me that some European countries aren’t helping.

    1. You’re joking, right? This is a kept trying to get to her commit to naming the countries which are not providing enough material support to Ukraine, and she kept evading and avoiding the answer. THAT is why she says “all countries”. Because she is afraid to call out Germany, France and Hungary. They are the 3 problems. It’s not true that “all countries” need to do more. Britain is pulling their weight, although I guess they’re not EU anymore. Poland is also doing everything they can. So it’s a lie to say that all countries need to do more. She said that because she’s a typical slimy, slippery politician who pays lip service to “support” for Ukraine, but cannot point to a single concrete step she has taken to actually do so. Ugh. Watching her create pretzel-sentences in order to avoid answering the interviewer’s real questions made me sick to my stomach. Ukraine needs the individual European countries to pull their fucking weight, and if they won’t do that, it need to EU to properly call out those member states. THATs what she could be doing. Sickening interview. She sucks.

    2. @Matthew Newton Exactly! Germany and France deliver weapon as they are countries like Belgium or Luxembourg. Hungary behaves like it had never been occupied by Russia I 1956.

  13. As a fellow Maltese I am proud of Metsola’s staunch and unequivocal stance against the Russian Federation’s terror and evil. If it works as one, the civilised world can bring the RuZZian bear to heel.

  14. I haven’t seen Roberta Metsola before, but she’s a very impressive, straight-talking politician. Be more like her, Lizz Truss, and maybe you’ll turn your premiership around. Must be worth a try, as it’s hard to see it getting get any worse.

  15. This is a brilliant take on the hard end of the stick of the united European body politic. I must say I did not expect such a strong or diplomatic response from Roberta Metsola. If we are still this united in the three main Institutions (The EP, The EU and the European Commission), that hold our European Community of Independant states together, then I must say I am impressed and I am, not for the first time, really proud to be a European Citizen. This is the Unity we all believed in years ago back in the 60’s when everyone thought it was just about peace and hippies 🙂. C’mon Ukraine, C’mon Europe, C’mon Democracy.

    1. It’s all talk 😂😂 She might as well spit towards Moscow, all the good Europe will do in this war. Europe is too tied down by Russian oil and energy to lift a finger

    2. I feel sorry for you. The whole of Europe has long been under the control of America. And if you have not understood this yet, then I feel sorry for you twice.

  16. Tears of joy watching and listening to the brave Ukrainian civilians huddling from the rockets underground in the subway singing patriotic songs together ❤️ 🎶

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