1. getting an apology from the pope means nothing to me, he was not guilty of what happened. What I would like to know is what happened to those who died and who was responsible, and why did this happen? The same thing happened in Ireland where thousands of bodies have been found buried on the grounds of these institutions. They may have been the children of unwed mothers, or who knows what events led to their children being placed in these Irish institutions. Were these children just not taken care of and allowed to die when sick? How does is compare with residential schools in Canada? Same thing? We need to know the events that led up to the deaths. So far it seems no one is trying to find out – which is almost as evil as whatever happened.

    1. @Al There is a great shame they are in denial of obviously. Instead of moving on we must dig up the evil of the past, no doubt it will be disturbing to some….

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