Parallels Between Now And 1998 Iraq Air Strike | Morning Joe | MSNBC

In December 1998, the New York Times ran a cover story on the delay of the impeachment vote on Bill Clinton due to Clinton's launch of an 'Iraq air strike'. Aired on 1/3/20
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Parallels Between Now And 1998 Iraq Air Strike | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @AK Riffle What terrorist? He was wearing a uniform every time he said “Death to America” Dat’s no terrorist, that is called a soldier. Doesn’t matter what you think of him or his country, he was a soldier. Now, the fact he wasn’t in his country when he died, well, that may explain why he got a bomb in his lap, but it doesn’t make him a terrorist.

    2. @Danny Boyd …. Dave is right. The Goat Herder was a strategist willing to do anything to promote Islam. Take yourself into Islam then ask yourself, am I ready to make an honest comment. Having worked as an Engineer in several Islamic Countries, I can vouch for their devotion to Islam, no alcohol, no Tattoos, no Homosexuals, no Atheism.

    1. @David Gray an attack without casualties retaliated by the killing of a national symbol? That’s insane international policy but of course, a someone from the Trump cult will not see it like this

    2. @Patrick Van Gelder national symbol? Obama Department of Defense marked him a dangerous man…

    3. @The anarchist Caesar He was definitely an evil dude, but he was a national symbol to the nation of Iran.

  1. Removal trial? How about a military tribunal and firing squad instead? The American People need to declare Trump has crossed his final line.

    1. We don’t do firing squads. I’m not remotely a Trump supporter but don’t be another kind of evil to make yourself feel better.

    2. @Kate dude, we need to hold our leaders accountable in some form or fashion.

      Trump just kick started a war, every soldier that dies as a result of this is on his hand.

      A firing squad is a mercy that he doesn’t even deserve.

    3. Steve Magruder I can’t believe how many times I thought he crossed the line. I thought this Iranian General personally threatened Trump. He is a bit paranoid I believe.

  2. Looks like trump is hoping a war will make him look strong. I wonder if he got permission from his boss in Moscow.

    1. @Dave Schultz LOL. You cannot manage to deal with anything that resembles reality can you? Your cowardice is even so extreme you have to buy into Russian Propaganda just becuase your syphilitic dear leader has to do what he is told by his lord and master. You are worse than a serf, you a serf’s sheep.

    2. @Democracy Now Cut the first two knuckles off of the pointer finger of your off-hand. Seppos cannot afford the 90k to have it reattached and if you cant fire a gun in both hands you cannot serve.

    1. It’s weird. our embassy has been evacuated and trump is telling all non-essential personnel to leave Iraq. So, in a way he’s reducing our presence there by escalating things with Iran. And yes, trump’s base is eating it up.

    2. @The Blue Hotel There’s 3500 troops heading to the middle-east now for “immediate response”.

    3. sadly we will see American death as this was not a good thing to do trump takes orders daily from putin daily on his cell phone trump has been involved with Russians way back to his first wife hiding we already know sadly trumps poor followers he has harmed to every thing trump touches dies

  3. It’s just another charge of abuse of power. Trump is impeached and perhaps Iran will remove him from office. As long as he’s gone I don’t care who does it.

    1. @Luis Jalabert Do you write Trump’s speeches? 100% sounds exactly like something he would say. Whole bunch of nonsense that sounds important to the right crowd.

  4. I think the reason for this airstrike and killing of the Iranian general is a red herring. Trump wants to change the narrative around his impeachment and the upcoming trial in the Senate. Also recent developments, where it was revealed that top members of his staff tried to dissuade him from stopping aid to Ukraine. Even the Pentagon provided corroboration and in his desperation, dunce Donald decided to involve America in another senseless war so that his warmonger friends could make money from lucrative contracts. Just saying.

    1. You right, this the same stunt Clinton pulled.Sadly his kids won’t be in harm’s way.Those new emails shined some new light on dummy his own officials tried to stop fool before he withheld Ukraine 💰.He will continue to say he did nothing wrong

    2. How scary it is that he is that desperate to send someone to their death.. How many more will die before he is removed!

    3. @Pati Pena This is the beginning, not the end. He killed this guy deliberately to start a new war. By the way with people who has nuclear weapons or the potential to acquire such. Trump’s party has now started and he is going to dance on a few graves.

    4. @Lady Lady Absolutely right- this harkens me back to Bill Clinton Shooting Patriot Missiles into Iraq during his impeachment.. Bunch of scum in nice suits. and they call criminals ghetto..

  5. Trump will do anything to distract from the impeachment hearings in the Senate, tax fraud, Russian Collusion, Witness intimidation, etc. Including starting a war.

    1. Does anyone know who this contractor was why he was killed and is he even real. And Trump can be impeached more than once

    1. Most republicans see this as nothing more as a “good shot”, now we move on. Leftist fearmongering is on full display.

    2. sadly our country has been badly damaged by murderous Moscow mitch followes he orders the of course come from putin the gop of putin

  6. That’s what you call “distractions “,…it might sway our minds a bit, but in the end justice has to be exercised.

  7. Hey remember when trump was for peace and Hillary was the warmongering witch who will act recklessly? Another lie from trump

    1. He also once said that Obama would start a war in Iran to “get elected” (reelected). For every action, there’s a hypocritical Trump tweet.

    2. That thing about Hillary starting endless wars during the 2016 campaign was russian disinformation.

    1. Michael More is almost certainly an agent of the state.Ever heard of the Hegelian dialectic? Probably not and you probably wont look it up either. People like your self are the reason the west is on the brink of destruction. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS?

    2. So did I. My family was like “Oh, no way.” The planet is now running a suicide murder program. We can’t heal what we can’t see. America, are your eyes open yet?

    1. @AK Riffle Remember when your life expectancy was over 80? Opps sorry you’re a seppo that was never. I keep forgetting how privileged I am living in a first world country.

    2. Nate Dunn. Yea and some Trumpers I know still say WMDS are hidden out there in the dessert. So sad!

    3. @Catherine Andujar WMD were taken away, ppl are coming to take your guns you would hide or get ride of them right , to make the US look stupid. There was no WMDs….nope none here …

  8. It doesn’t take much critical thinking to see this as hugely suspicious timing given the pressure surrounding impeachment and the distraction this will bring.

    1. Have you seen any of the comment sections on recent fox news uploads? Full of attaboys and god bless potus…

  9. Given he’s doing everything he’s criticized Obama for, I’m now 95% convinced Trump was born in Kenya…

    1. Kjostolf Borchgrevink Well it’s only one of the two who can neither speak nor write coherently in English, so I guess that should tell you something

    2. @Garry H …are you so impotently dysfunctional you can not leave your Parents House. This is the only reason I can think of for your comment. You are Behind closed doors, Mummy is close by. After reading your comment a Trump Supporter comes and knocks down your door!!!!He hands you an Ice Cream and ask you if you would like to meet the President. How are you going to explain your COMMENT to the President of the USA?

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