1. StarvinMarvin if you truly own these lands … you own the water ways and air , clouds and the stars and the moon … You see the logic behind what I’m saying …I know you truly think the White master race does own the moon, stars, clouds, water ways and these lands you claim , in your disturbed mind .

      This is just our rock to play on while we are here . Nature will out last us all , you can claim property if you like …be my guest…. the moon is yours .

    2. @söder bröder I’m sorry for calling it a Stone tower the structure I recall looks like a stone light house …a tower .

    3. Phillip Dinan, to be honest, whites conquered the moon too 😂 no other race has accomplished what white people have 😁

  1. The most shocking thing is how surprised the racist white dude was at the crowd’s reaction. It was like he thought he wasn’t saying anything racist and hateful.

    1. typical trumpian supporter he wasn’t shocked he thought he was being funny when in fact he was showing he attended trumpian university

    2. I’m a Trump supporter, but I was shocked at what this guy said and don’t even understand why he said it. Yes, I’m against illegal immigration, but what does that have to do with what this man was talking about? I have a feeling the subject may have been about the discrimination his son was getting at school because he was an immigrant, but the clip doesn’t tell us what they were talking about prior. That said, even though I’m against illegal immigration… I don’t think we should treat other human beings badly just because they are here illegally. Not that this man is here illegally, again I don’t know that. I want to secure the border and enforce legal immigration, but I also want a pathway to citizenship for those that have been here for a long time and have a good record and have established a life here. I see no reason to deport any of these people that have been working hard and no criminal record. It makes no sense to do that when those are the kind of people we want to immigrate here. However, criminal illegals, and I’m talking serious felons, need to go.

  2. I’m sorry but I just laughed so hard. It’s hard to understand how racist people don’t think they are racist.

  3. This Man is more successful than that piece of garbage and an even greater human than he will ever be. Thank you for covering this CNN.

    1. @Lipstick GurL He is going to be offered a high-paying job and the condition that he shuts up and does not attend any more of these meetings. This does not matter much. What matters is that? We have him on tape? He is like the insect in that movie by the director of Robocop. The species has different varieties. Once you get one, you can cut them open and understand what you’re dealing with. You are dealing with Dementia. It is a mental health thing. Alan dershowitz has argued over and over again that insanity. Is or is not unconstitutional for our president? Until the amendment was passed. At the indictment the impeachment. Did not ring the psychiatric jurisprudence that many experts have petitioned for years to bring. Under the amendment. There is no executive privilege. The amendment is explicit. And clear the doctors must be given the chance. To enforce the Constitution as amended. Our president is very corrupt. He is a criminal of the highest order. He has Brad children. PS bread human beings with a woman that he bought and they are part of a criminal conspiracy. He is also insane. Pathologically elf, pathologically ill Oh, and we have this amendment. We need to exercise it. We need to call the president’s pathological. We need to have a trial. The testimony will be remarkable. It will not be brief. American people are the jury in this we have plenty of sick people who say if he is sick then so am I. That is a good thing. They need to have the fear that they will have after the president is removed for his illness. It is not his crimes. It is. His lack of Mental Health. He actually believes what he says. He is not that good of a liar. He is just crazy.

  4. This man, Adrian, spoke with more class, intelligence, thoughtfulness and love than our current President ever has.

    1. @TYT SUCKS SWAN BALLS Cannibals? When they were a 100 million strong until your ancestors came and literally wiped them out with your racism and diseases. Really, dumbass?

    2. TYT SUCKS SWAN BALLS so you’re saying that natives didn’t have farms? And they had government systems that worked for them. Europeans are just too ignorant to think that there can be multiple ways to run things.

  5. The man was _bold_ enough to make a racist comment
    then _cowardly_ acts surprised at the crowd’s disapproving reaction.

    1. @BLACK LIVES MAGA The legitimacy of the question increases according to the idiocy of the asker. The audience correctly did not understand it as a question. It was an aspersion. It was blaming a victim. If I understood incorrectly as a question. Then technically you are correct. Nobody understood it to be a question, especially the man that asked it. The reason this went viral is because the silence the silence allowed to question to deafen. The crowd spoke for the man with the microphone who had been assaulted. He wanted to react but the audience responded as hey. We got this. CNN joins. The word is antisocial. A man who can go anywhere. Do anything any woman asks to be done? He marries a mail order bride. That is antisocial. That is somebody who doesn’t have any actual Pride. Somebody who wants his wife to continue to support him as she learns more about him. I think that the President should be investigated. For immigration fraud regarding his obtaining a Visa for his wife. It was not a romantic thing. She was hired and was not eligible. There are plenty of American women who could have done her job even better. This is a serious matter marriage is a Sacrament as well. The children that have been created are not too young for me to say these things. Nor are they too poor? They have their own situation to grow Beyond. If they want their prison sentences to be As big as possible they can dead-ends. They can continue to say this man is a wonderful father and is not the worst thing that ever happened to America. Good luck getting paroled if they stick with that. It would be better if they change their tune before they’re even indicted.

  6. It’s insane that someone is talking about bullying and that dude couldn’t get his mind out of him being an immigrant

    1. @Tony Smith legal or illegal is how you determine racism? If it was a illegal from Russia or eastern Europe, you’d still be racist against white people?

    2. Let me wake yall dumb asses up for all those with my tag in their mouths. First your racism and stupidity are lost in some time warped sense of ignorance. To the lady saying “We conquered” lets correct your statement. How to you consider befriending people who helped save the lives of the pilgrims conquering. What they did was simple greedy betrayal. Most of the Native American died due to pilgrims and such giving them blankets with small pox and different virii on it. Funny thing is each thing the pilgrams and such did to take this land, they made laws against. As for the football, and basketball comment, someone from Canda introduced a version of basketball to America. Soooo how American of you to TAKE OWNERSHIP of something many invented… Look the America you that are racist dream of is just that a dream. Trump and others dont see you as equals or even see you at all. To them you are just a number, a number to keep them and their descendants rich and in power, a number to jump in front of them before bullets or weapons to protect their lives, a number of fools to use as they see fit. They know they are being watched by the world and that their crimes against humanity will be brought forth, they are only trying to slow it down and poison and destroy as much of this nation as possible before they lose power. And that time is coming, see Trumps not very bright, his plan is to cause white america to oppress black and brown people to make a rich white person dream land even when using Putin who has opening spread misinformation towards black people making them evil boogeymen while spreading misinformation to them. He hopes to corner them enough to cause an uprising which would cause many of them to be hurt. Which the world is awaken to America hidden racism, and dirty secrets much like Nazi, Germany. As an Irish-American with mixed daughters and family I am aware of what goes on, on all fronts as much as possible. Now whats gonna happen is, your dream is this white america, but whats going to happen is America gonna cross the line, the world thru the United Nations along with Putin, Iran, Iraq, and others we call terrorist will be coming in to “save” black and brown people. Their gonna put Trump and others on trial as war criminals along with alot of white american including KKK, which will be listed as terrorist and war criminals. They are gonna give control to black people and others, while with their help rebuild America while taking the resources they want. America has done these same actions countless times, it was only a matter of time before it happened to us. Oh and I know some will say “We got the biggest military and police force in the world”, let me ask you a stupid question what makes any of you think Black and brown people who have been openly oppressed seen world wide are going to fight for their own oppression, enslavement, murder, rape, and mistreatment by white America hands? Name one person you know would fight the people trying to save their family from a cruel future by the hands of people who have did it for hundreds of years… Answer None.. you better wake up cause racism only serves the rich, to them your just the last of the replacement slaves…

    3. @Manganeto ! sorry no its a plague, look it up… theres thousands if not 10s of thousands of videos of things like this. Since Obama they been coming out faster and faster to the point now their daily…

    1. @Josie M Idiot.

      Obama went off half cocked when it was reported that white police officers did such and such.

      And he had a beer summit with a white police officer.

      Stop liking racism.

  7. 0:41 the woman who says “you need to leave” is so hilarious 😂 the racist man I swear he looks like George Costanza

    1. @telo giv kill the children. kill everyone who is not as pure as me. you are all fascists. America is dying. Democracy demands that we have thick skin and learn to deal with each other. when whitey is gone you will still need someone to hate and blame your problems on. dont think yourself above your own nature.

    1. Literally afraid of the microphone. Twitter courage. The main thing though is that he expected it to be better. He wanted it to be the best. Sometimes people stock their victim and they grabbed them and they’re going to haul them to their secret place and have their way and then something happens just seconds in they find out that they’re not enjoying it. They see the suffering that they are causing. They see it is not a game. True story . The perp still did prison. He still went for it too far. He turned himself in essentially. The technology can eventually change the person. Fortunately in the case I mention it did not change them completely. Opportunity tempted. The man may be going through some things. Or he may just be hiding. Back into hiding. CNN mentions him. It would be nice if you had some experts come out and say that like our president he needs help. And if he gets it. If we get regular reports that he is getting help then maybe we should stop mentioning his name. A paragraph

      I watched the lady speak for our president about how experts should join in about the Democratic leader in the Congress. I agree that the experts should step in and say that the reaction was healthy. The leader communicated appropriately successfully and if it appears to be uncivil to tear up a speech then either there is hope for you or there is no hope. What we know is that you don’t get it at all. I appreciate your comments. I see that you have some 67 likes versus others who have far more in this comment. I will like your comment as well give you at least a 68.

      I need to point out the most important fact, however first. YouTube Does prevent these comments that these people make from being seen by anybody without telling them that they’re only talking to themselves? That is what God the Donald elected more than anything else. Silent moderation.

      I assume that YouTube has a mandatory mod. A mandatory arbitration clause. Such Clauses do not prevent individuals like you or me from going to court to seek injunctive relief against them. They are protecting the racists Etc. They are tricking them into thinking that everybody can see what they think when nobody can not even the channel that they comment Upon Our seeing their quote pending comments as YouTube trains Channel creators to never look at the Q of pending comments. YouTube argues bad Channel creators mental health is best protected if the viewers thoughts and feelings the Express in comments are suppressed from public View. This is a short-sighted naive utterly demented position to take. It must be enjoined.

    1. @Mickey Rosa LOL, CNN even told you he wasn’t an attending parent there. Like how much hint do low IQ Liberals need?? Tattoo the words ‘Crisis Actor’ on his forehead!? 😁 😂 🤣

    2. @Mind Freshener You dumb idiot obviously didn’t read my post so I won’t reiterate for your low IQ brain cells because you are wasting my time with nonsense.

    3. @Baltimore Ledge I would say that most Anglo Americans and a great percentage of Afro Americans hold that same “Go back where you came from!” view. For a country whose citizens are always telling others to go back home, they sure have an obsession of always having their noses prodding into other people’s business abroad or else setting up house in foreign territories uninvited! Strange!

  8. “Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?”
    “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Would you take that white sheet off your head and say that again. Like a man?”

    1. @NPC Non Binary Demigender Pansexual Two Spirit More than you apparently. But just like the ignorant racist bastard in the video and your boy toy @Northman you no nothing about being a man. Just a hateful bigoted loser behind computer with all talk and no substance. Class dismissed. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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