Parents win battle to put son’s Indigenous name on his birth certificate | λugʷaləs K’ala’ask Shaw

After a lengthy process, the province is allowing a British Columbia family to use the Indigenous spelling of their son's name – λugʷaləs K’ala’ask Shaw – on his birth certificate.

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  1. Why is this even a thing.
    Birth names are given to children by their parents at birth. The government has no right to interfere.

  2. It’s their choice, a choice that will be regretted when he is older and has to fill out documents or worse have to explain to someone else how to write his name on documents. He will be known as a different name through his life anyway so what does it really matter?

  3. official documents are supposed to be in a common tongue so everyone is on the same page so i don’t see why this was ever more than a personal issue other than saying baby they should have had the english spelling of his name on the birth certificate from day 1 and on personal not government documents.

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