Parkland shooting victims’ families address Nikolas Cruz before sentencing | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Gah damn! Imagine being the one receiving these hateful words, I’d feel like my head would explode from all the eyes glaring with sharp dagger pupils and I’d imagine how they would tear me apart had they had the chance.
    Poor people have a right to be mad but what a hurtful way to express themselves during their time of grief. I wish them peace of mind for their future🙏🏽

    1. Shut up. You didn’t have your loved one taken and died terrified. When it happens to you you’ll express some sense instead of sympathy with a monster.

  2. Be assured…this will work out better in the long run. Appeals while on Death Row would take years and years. The protected rights that an inmate has would ensure the process be dragged out nearly 30 years…eating up taxpayer money EVERY year, year after year.
    But this way, as soon as he’s put into general population, someone will get a hold of him in less than a week…JUST LIKE Jeffrey Dahmer. I’d call that a win-win

    1. Well honestly, depending on the death sentence it’s often way cheaper to put someone in prison for life, the chemicals alone cost a substantial amount for injection. Now some have bin pushing for changing the system to something more effective and a lot cheaper but no one has really taken up the mantle to make it happen though.

    2. @Godzilla well, even though I understand what you’re saying, it still costs about $60-70k PER YEAR to house an inmate on Death Row. Multiplied by thirty years…that’s $1.8-2.1 MILLION. Release the guy into general population and I bet the victims families will be able to hear his screams from their houses…😫 🎉✨💥🎉✨💥🥳

  3. There should be a law that allows the family of the deceased to have an hour alone with the perpetrators to do as they please with them.

    1. No it’s not ironic at all. He wanted to kill certain people. He might have a bad experience and he made a poor judgement, but one thing that’s not abnormal is that people get mad and look for justice.
      He was a human, and so as the victims families, they feel mad and look for justice.

      The way he looked for a justice was killing those who bullied him.
      The way family is looking for a justice is the same.

    2. Yes vengeance but christens will tell you there pro life but christens have butchered millions and millions. It’s safe to say christens are pro death.

    3. @Joe Earley Christianity is a joke now they are all going against their own rituals and worships most of the time.

    4. What human doesn’t wish death upon someone who committed a horrific act upon a loved one and many innocents? Did you expect them to all stand up there and forgive him?? Don’t be stupid.

  4. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe some of these mass shooters are insane? And that maybe our “leaders” could do more to help the mentally ill and save lives?

    1. Our leaders are not elected to govern. The capitalist put these scumbags in office to serve them. There are many mentally ill for most it starts when your early 20s and it’s hard for parents to get help because there over 18 and have to volunteer themselves and even then have to take the right medication that works and then be complying and only 30-40% are on there own , then you have to have insurance to pay for these drugs that are extremely expensive “you have to be disabled and be on social security and qualify for Medicare” most can’t hold a job. Then there’s side effects to this medicine and have to take medicine for the side effects. Most of our elected leaders are just stupid idiots and are multi millionaires who could careless about people.

  5. As much as you all hate to hear it, there was a witness who evacuated with cruz while hearing gunshots in the background. There is video evidence and three people who know this. The witness, a school girt, a cameraman who witnessed the witness saying she told cruz she thought HE’D be the one shooting up the school, and the female reporter who for some reason I can’t figure, knew to bring cruz’s name into the interview.

    1. I saw it. I think she was lying. She wasn’t interviewed as a witness in court afaik and everything from her demeanor in that video showed she was lying.

    2. @James R. G. and she literally said “ you don’t know me but you tried to kill me “ if they want to lie they’ll put it in plain sight smh and people will call us crazy

  6. Hopefully He thought about these people words to him before he did crime??? Please think twice before Stupid act 😭😭😰Now he is In missable life too

    1. He doesn’t care about these people’s words. Have you read his messages at all? He hates people and wants to kill as many as possible. The jury that did not vote for death should never of sat on this jury. They were obviously anti death penalty. The federal government should charge him with terrorism and take him out

  7. Prayers to the victims of this senseless crime. If your Prolife, this is what you should be focused on. STOP the SCHOOL SHOOTINGS

    1. It depends on what you are in for and where you are, cause paper work isn’t always available is certain states and even with the ones that allow it some prisons still won’t show but if someone on the outside tells someone on the inside or if it’s high profile enough then your good but it can also be too high profile and then the convicted will be in protective custody

  8. I wanna agree with the families but think he will have to rot in jail and rot in hell when he does since he got life in prison he ain’t going to be able to do what he wants

  9. why explain how everything feels when this kid doesn’t care? don’t fit his shoes with anger! it makes ppl talk and think just like him. 🥃

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