Paul, O’Toole still have recognition problems: marketing expert


    1. @RPM lol. You’re just sore that Harper was right again and you can’t admit it. Except Justincompetent will never be ready.

    2. Might have a problem … one week into election and liberals crashing , Election Canada Orders 5 million Mail in Ballots …can you say ballot harvesting ?

    3. @Daniel Arcadia LOL election hasn’t even happened yet. And Canadian MAGAts are crying it’s stolen already. For more years of whining about Trudeau and all the same pathetic insults losing 3 elections in a row to a Drama Teacher.

    4. @RPM btw …your Grand father is rolling in his grave …giving away your rights …N@ZI VAX psas port …shame on you

  1. You are Crafting the Image.,.your playing with the Real Image of Canada. Really what is your Image of Canada, your just one Vision and being blindsided.

  2. The Liberals and their Vanity Project is doing irreparable harm. Vanity Projects should be a feature of the Entertainment Industry, not the Domain of Politics where life is always on the line. Shame on them. But they are scupleless to possess an active conscience. Absolutely reckless what they are doing.

  3. The Liberals are in denial of the liability they’ve accumulated over time. Don’t worry, the public will learn one of too things, either a Judiciary exists or a Judiciary does not exist and we’re free to do whatever we want.

  4. Single issue election No N@ZI vax pass ports …No N@zi lock downs …very simple who needs recognition

  5. I’m afraid there is no any significant difference between all major candidates – and, thus, for Canada after the elections. Also, O’Toole is not a charismatic leader, but at least he doesn’t sound / look as arrogant as Mr. Trudeau. There’s one obvious thing for me that Mr. Trudeau must leave.
    Enough is enough (c) Justin Trudeau.

    1. No significant difference? Is O’Toole talking about using the pandemic as a political opportunity to destroy oil and gas,turn Canada into a Marxist paradise? I must have missed that press conference.

  6. You are kinda right here, the whole world saw the blackface photos, lots of folks recognize Trudeau.

  7. It is the time to vote Trudeau OUT, CityNews reported today:
    Only in one month, July inflation:
    Gasoline up 30.9%
    Car and trunk prices up 5.5%
    furniture up 13.4%
    Food prices up 1.7%
    Restaurant prices up 3.1%
    Meat up 3.1%
    Dairy up 3.5%
    Vegetables down 7.5%

    Annual inflation expected:
    Gasoline up 370.8%
    Car and trunk prices up 66%
    furniture up 160.8%
    Food prices up 20.4%
    Restaurant prices up 37.2%
    Meat up 337.2%
    Dairy up 42%
    Vegetables down 90%

    1. What the ” experts fail to mention …America has printed more currency out of thin air last year , than on all history combined ….Now look at inflation numbers and where that must go

  8. I got a letter from O’Toole. It took me until I opened it to realize who he was. If I saw his picture, I would know right away.

    I will not Liberal this time. Trudeau has messed up too many times.

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