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  1. It’s Sherica’s time. If she don’t even get a good start only Shelly has a chance of beating her. If she get a good start…game over.

  2. Shelly spoke but I don’t know how many paid attention. Shericka is ruthless with herself. If her body allows it, she will take no prisoners. The Cyborg Jackson has pulled my attention and I can’t “unsee” her.
    She works hard, she is ambitious, she is dangerous

  3. Israelites wakeup we are The Jews of the Bible a Style them a style wi Remember the COMMANDMENT of God

  4. Okay, I will first say that I HIGHLY doubt anyone will beat Shereka over 200 meters this year. She ran 50.94 over 400 meters this year and I was pretty impressed with that standard of performance. When that type of strength is generated down to the 200 meters plus her already existing speed it is a deadly combination. I see Shereka running 21.31 breaking Flo Jo’s long-standing world record. The 100 meters now is a more conversational event as it really depends on the type of form Elaine is in, a healthy Elaine will not be beaten at the World Championships this year or ever. As it relates to the Americans Shacarri is the closest they will get to a medal and I have her finishing 4th or 5th, Hobbs, on the other hand, ran 10.87 in a +1.9 wind(it doesn’t get better than that) not replicating the type of form we saw indoors and I will hypothesize that she has already peaked. If Shelly should run 10.67 again in the 100 meters final she won’t win that’s a silver medal-winning time, but am eagerly anticipating her season opener. Honorable mentions go out to Talou, Dina Asher, and Kambundji who will all make the 100 finals if they reproduce the form showed last year.

  5. Relax maverick you really dont know who the goat his huh? If you not clocking sub 10.7 you cant dethrone the SFP, love jacks but pure noise you making

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