1. all my hopes and prayers to you, and yours, Nancy!💗💗 all hate is ever wrong, WE KNOW, but some people,,, we are with you!

    1. God love him . He really is an idiot. He really needs to make a life for himself away from his dad if he is ever going to grow up.

    2. Even Katie Porters republican opponent’s election rally message was “we’re gonna retire Katie Porter & fire Nancy Pelosi..” God i hope she hangs on to the lead. Some of those guys really get off on the mean rhetoric & are cheered on by their supporters ☹️

    3. Really hypocrite when she said I’m punch trump 🤣😂🤣all the crap those idiots said about conservatives got a 18 yr old killed there not saving the planet there green deal is 100 percent owned by China

    4. Who joked about the 18 year old getting killed? When did Nancy hit Trump? MAGA hats are made in China. They are big exporters. You are not making any sense. You are typing incoherant sentences.

  2. Tears rolls down my face whenever I hear about the attack on Mr. Poloske. It could of been worse. Praying 🙏 for Full recovery.

  3. Best wishes to Paul and Nancy. He deserves a full recovery. As for Nancy Pelosi, I heard a few hot-headed MAGA people say she was a ruthless bruiser in politics. Just what we needed in this country when unprincipled Republicans were kowtowing to the massive ego of DJT.

    1. You should stop listening to hearsay none of them are any good Nancy Pelosi went in to Congress with $40 million and now she is worth $160 million committing insider trading I am a liberal and that is the truth Google it

    2. YEP, it’s PERFECTLY fine, for a Demoncrat, to shoot up some Repugnican, at a baseball game, when they should be in the office, WORKING, OR, to go across the country, to “Teach a lesson”, to a Supreme Court Justice, who doesn’t think YOUR WAY! ANYTHING GOES, as far as Democrats are concerned, AS LONG AS, it DOESN’T happen to YOU. !!! (NO, Paul, should not have paid a price for what his ‘wife’ did. BUT “Child’s Play”, Chucky S., Is NO, ‘SERVANT OF GOD’, Either!) But, he doesn’t zackly, make me proud of my partly Jewish heritage, and ‘Nasty’, takes away pride in my Italian side!

    1. @Bob Cob did you see any DEMS attack McCarthy’s wife???? or TRUMP’S wife????
      No, because DEMS are more respectful, have more character, more dignity, more compassion for other people. DEMS love this country, our democracy and our constitution and we will fight like hell for our future generations in the pursuit of our God given rights contained in the Constitution!!!!

    2. It was a blm and pride activist. Nerveless it is a shame she wasn’t home. You don’t understand that the left has pushed for years. In fact I welcome actual fascism. You do not deserve to live in the same society. You deserve to be in camps.

    3. She’s a strong, intelligent, and effective woman which is something the Republicans can’t stand. She also has no fuks to give when it comes to Republican bullies.

    4. Thier nuts and they have long lost Thier morals they are corrupt and full of lies and they are proud of it! Republicans are Thier own worst enemies they can’t even take what they dish out to each other.

  4. Absolutely…. There are people who wouldn’t ever support any actions against human being…. How evil could this be and that is bad for people with mental issues that anyone could face same as her husband did…
    Motivations of evil 👿 must be punished under federal law… world of money must fine that person would not ever think to do that again…

  5. Wishing your husband speedy recovery and many prayers
    🙏🙏🙏, also, for you and your family ❤️
    I’m hoping our Democratic Party will keep control of the House.

  6. Love you Nancy! You’re such a atrong woman and an idol for many young women! May God bless you and your family and keep all of you safe within his arms!

  7. We were voting Democrat way before that attack. We weren’t suprised by that attack either. We saw it coming a mile away.

  8. It seems that we are living in nefarious times. I was definitely turned off by the Republicans. It is shameful when people show no compassion for anyone getting beaten in the head with a hammer. I don’t watch much television, but the one night that I turned on my TV, I saw Kari Lakes cracking jokes about Mrs. Pelosi’s home and her husband. Setting beside her was an Asian man just laughing his heart out. I have never seen an Asian performing like this which was very nefarious. Kari Lake should have felt shameful, but it seems as if she didn’t.

    If she ran for president today, I would never vote for her because if she acts like this with Nancy Pelosi, how would she treat the people that she governs if one of the states runs into devastation?

    1. And now she is blaming the media for mis-representing her words. I’m so glad one guy played the whole tape again! These people think they can make fun of innocent people and then when they are caught they make excuses.

    1. @AB Smith STOP making fun of Nancy — you know that the Democrats are Naziing just as hard as they can! Do you think that’s easy?

  9. What an elegant Lady for sure..All Americans should be very proud to have her , I’m Canadian and I only wish we had this great Lady..you people are very fortunate indeed !

    1. Can’t believe she missed out on the cultural enrichment from the blm activist that enlightened her husband.

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