Pelosi Calls McCarthy A ‘Moron’ For His Comments On Mask Rules

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended rules for mask wearing being put in place for the House of Representatives and dismissed Rep. Kevin McCarthy's comments criticizing the rules, calling him a "moron."
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    1. That has never been the case. If you knew anything about politics you should know a general difference between the two parties. One wants a central government that tells all what to do and the other is more for a state ran group running things and the individual then making the final decision. If more people understood this there would be less bickering and anger towards the opposite party. Most GOP DID NOT trust Trump’s medical advise but they trusted less the government medical advise. Most of them checked with — you guessed it their local doctor. But I suspect I am wasting my time.

    2. @Andrew PinsonYou’re wasting your time. Declaring Dems want to tell everyone what to do is hackneyed, trite and unoriginal. Dismissing “government medical advice” from the CDC, WHO and Fauci in favor of family doctors who, no doubt, rely on and undoubtedly pay close attention to the CDC, WHO and Fauci, is ridiculous.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Good reply to show why there is a difference between GOP and democrats. My description of democrats is a general observation of over 60 years of close political observation. Ask yourself WHY do people check with local doctors over listening to national doctors. Can the results be the same – of course they can. You are missing the point. So what is your answer to why.

    4. Andrew Pinson – “National doctors”? You mean the heads of NIH and CDC? You know they aren’t politicians, right? There’s a reason they get those jobs. They’re good at what they do

  1. Hard to believe Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old, what with her kicking McCarthy’s behind, and all.

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 We’d love to see you have a conversation with her about it I’d actually pay to watch it.

  2. He’s mad because Speaker Pelosi outs him with the appointments of two Republicans to the 1/6 Select Committee and with his opposition to name a committees to investigate the assault on the Capitol his dreams to be speaker and retake the House and the Senate has evaporated.

    1. The way she out maneuvered him and his blatant attempt at discrediting the January 6th commission is nothing short of brilliant. The testimony from those officers was so compelling, I think it caught most viewers off guard. I normally don’t watch C-Span, but I was gripped for all 3+ hours of that testimony. The GOP’s response to that testimony was to pretend they hadn’t watched it because they were busy “governing”.

  3. McCarthy is decreasing the Republican vote, but by the mid-terms the Republicans will blame the Democrats.

    1. Of course they will, they know blaming the dems means 1 they have a scapegoat and 2 that they can do just as corrupt of things as they accuse others of doing because their base will think they’re justified.

    2. repubs are counting on their efforts to “protect election security” to take back power (translate as CHEAT)

  4. Pelosi is busy trying to get things done. She’s not there to babysit McCarthy with his inane questions.

  5. Beholding only to himself, Trump will neuter McCarthy in the same way that he has snipped McConnell. Trump said that he was going to drain the swamp and never differentiated between political parties.

  6. Can McCarthy even think for himself?…he has to ask Pelosi for information?…bro…do your own homework

  7. McCarthy doesn’t stand for the truth, only distortions to wear everybody out from getting to the bottom of all things Trump and goons did wrong.

  8. Oh I see, it’s ‘cool and edgy’ when McCarthy calls people names, but when someone calls HIM a name (however accurate) he starts throwing around “what-about-isms” instead of blowing it off like a big boy.
    I would crawl under a rock from embarrassment if I were a Republican voter.


    1. The truth will come out who planned & paid for it, staged it and set it up, set it in motion along with Trump Trump

  9. Nancy Pelosi has those Children in the Republican party running around like Chicken Little. ( THE SKY IS FALLING ).

  10. Whenever any form of government become destructive of the people it’s the Rights of the people to alter or abolish it. The Bill of Right

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