Pelosi Criticizes ‘Barriers To Participation’ Being Put Up For Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Pelosi Criticizes 'Barriers To Participation' Being Put Up For Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized the Trump administration for attempts to put up "barriers to participation" in the 2020 election. Aired on 10/30/2020.
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Pelosi Criticizes 'Barriers To Participation' Being Put Up For Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

45 Comments on "Pelosi Criticizes ‘Barriers To Participation’ Being Put Up For Election | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC"

  1. FYI, registered republicans are closing in on the lead the democrats had last week.
    Get out and vote! Biden/Harris 2020

  2. “We have to” is not the sensible answer.

    • There no “right” answer to the question of ‘will we have a fair election?’ at this point. If she’d said yes, that would have been a lie: who knows the extent of the damage done to the mail system by Trump co? If she’d said no, that also would have been a lie: without a lengthy investigation of the scandal there is no way of knowing. Any answer she’d given would have thrown more doubt on the legitimacy of this election than there is already, and fed the conspiracy theories that are likely to spring up no matter who wins.

      If you want more chaos than there is already then start lying about things you don’t have answers for, MM.

  3. Walk YOUR ballots IN!!!

  4. vote for decency-vote for Biden/Harris!

    • Haaaahaaaahahhaaaahaa. At this point it’s just elder abuse. Dont any of u see Biden is a puppet, man cant even remember what he ate yesterday yet were gonna trust him w the country 🤣✌ If I could be a fly on the wall, just to see Biden supporters faces when TRUMP wins this election yet again! I still cant figure out if Biden followers are a special kind of stupid or just plain dumb. Did you even do ur homework on who your voting for? Have you listened to the same blubbering speeches of Biden that highlight not only his mental capacity but his alzheimer disease showing LOUD & PROUD! You honestly think he can run a country🤣OMG HOW FUNNY! I’d rather have a president who takes No Sh*t & isnt afraid to call the sh*t as he sees it. Is he a tad harsh sometimes…yeah, is he everyone’s cup of tea, No…but hes not afraid to speak his mind & to stand against what’s just plain WRONG! I want a president with some balls.

    • @Brandy Lynn … then you should vote for Kamala.

  5. People are standing in food bank lines for hours & you done nothing but talk we want actions

  6. What about respect for the people who was left struggling while y’all act like kid’s


  8. The scariest part of the dismantling of the Post Office is someone actually came up with the plan. This person is the equivalent of Superman’s Lex Luthor. A huge threat to America and should be stopped and jailed

    • Yes his name was Barack. And he approved the cuts

    • @Fortescue oh you clearly never worked as a poll worker

    • scetchmonkey007 | October 30, 2020 at 6:27 PM | Reply

      @JDRContent yeah the post office has been getting cut for decades its just not effective and it’s dying out. Shows how foolish poeple are for counting on it.

    • Cheshire Kitten | October 30, 2020 at 7:31 PM | Reply

      @scetchmonkey007 are you aware that all Active Duty Military Personell serving abroad vote by mail?
      Then there are their respective spouses as well as thousands of Expats that also routinely vote by mail and the Postmark counted, not the arrival date.

    • scetchmonkey007 | October 30, 2020 at 8:50 PM | Reply

      @Cheshire Kitten Yes I am aware of that but you have not told me why the rules for them need to change? why should deadline rules be expanded so greatly? Why couldnt the old System of request a ballot and then submit be used for everyone voting by mail? Its how I vote and yes I am quarantined in another country. But i voted at my earliest opportunity. So I know my vote will be counted.

      because as soon as we go one day without a clear winner there will be massive civil unrest. All because the Dems wanted to change the system then got pouty when the court said no and make up a story this is how trump steals the election?

  9. Cheeto will do anything dishonest to win. From the post office to possibly shutting down the power grid. Lying and cheating is his M.O. and his now attempts to block our voting by putting time constraints on counting the votes.
    Biden will win and ans cheeto isgoing to jail.

    • Bracketville August | October 30, 2020 at 2:53 PM | Reply

      My concern he will start a Nuke war. and those who are loyal to him in his circle such as Stephen Miller, Barr will allow him to attack with a nuke head on Korea…. Or Iran with Israel and Russia’s help… THIS IS WHAT KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT ESPECIALLY these last four days. PEOPLE PLEASE STAY ON ALERT…

    • @Bracketville August do you realize he’s done more formpeace in Middle East that was accomplished for8 years? That Obama almost got n Korea to attack us?

    • @JDRContent Right before an election too huh? That alone should tell you something.
      Those M E deals will probably cost the country big…

    • @Jack Boot I disagree You can look if up

    • Blakeley Brock | October 30, 2020 at 10:45 PM | Reply

      @Bracketville August yeah seeing as he’s one of the first presidents in decades to have not started a war and has made three piece deals with foreign countries the far left have truly brainwashed the low IQ

  10. Delusional Donny

  11. Richard Partin | October 30, 2020 at 2:03 PM | Reply

    Judge Emmit Sullivan has ruled those mail sorters be put back on line. Louis Dejoy is in deep trouble. 8 sorting machines removed in Cincinnati, Ohio and sent to Queensgate for dismantling. That removes 19% of mail handling capacity. My daughter’s ballot is now two weeks behind delivery. This is Trump’s plan.

    • And now the supreme court preventing ballots that were post marked on time from getting counted. Deliberately delay them and then prevent delayed ones from being counted. Convenient. The most transparent rigging I’ve EVER seen. This country (republican) has turned into a criminal enterprise.

  12. When you are being held up in the street you are NOT having « a major difference of opinion » you are being robbed by a crook! Wake up media!

    • American Disgrace
      An American Story
      Please Read
      ( Citizen’s Look)
      Hideous Plan
      by Daniel Glosky
      WWW. Amazon, E-BOOK
      Thank You

  13. I am so ready to celebrate Pelosi for holding down the fort fighting off stupidity right and left. This old lady did more for democracy itself by herself than most people will ever know.

  14. The 80-years-old Pelosi is a much better actress than politician!..

  15. Please do not say “Slowed down the mail.” Say “Tampered with US mail” which is a felony. It is not slowing down it is obstructing justice. Criminal. Let’s not use language that sounds trivial.

  16. “We The People” know what needs to be done.

  17. TerrySees 2019 | October 30, 2020 at 6:50 PM | Reply

    I just found out that everything Nancy wanted in the bill was agreed on by Steven Mnuchin agreed to all of Nancy’s bill. She turned it down . So it was agreed on but Nancy is blocking it .

  18. Doug Schaufele | October 30, 2020 at 7:19 PM | Reply

    SCOTUS only exists to give Trump the wins he requires to stay in office & out of jail!


  20. Anthony Bradford | October 30, 2020 at 9:25 PM | Reply

    The only barriers are the ones Pukelosi put up to stop a second round of covid relief

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