Pelosi defends ripping Trump’s State of the Union address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her decision to rip up President Donald Trump's State of the Union address earlier this month during an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour.


    1. @YJ Wrangler Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it. No one is immune. Read my post right before this one. Take care!

  1. *for everybody wondering: Germany’s president has a representative function (like the Queen in britain, but democratic) and the chancelor (Angela Merkel) is head of Administration (like prime Minister in britain)*

    1. @LUIS VELEZ Luis, no pun intended toward Germany, only that we have more trouble with Trump here America. Germany doesn’t have a crazy leader like we do.

    1. @Julie Casey I won’t because I have no compassion for outlaws but, now I will be sure to have a few copies just for bragging!

    1. accordion_devotionals This reply is truly moronic. No, it’s madness. If you believe that people who abhor the left, as I do, embrace any of those notions you’ve just exposed yourself as someone who should seek help. I mean it. I feel sorry for you. To think that people whom you oppose politically would have such thoughts screams of grandeur of delusion and paranoia. It does, however, explain a lot. It explains the screaming at the sky, the bike locks, the black masks, and the childish prattling.
      If you won’t get help, have a real conversation with someone who doesn’t think like you. You might be surprised and actually learn something.

    2. Sara Cathey Yea. Good for you. I can no longer afford insurance after having it for 40 years. But you’re happy so there’s that.

  2. 私は量子テレポーテーションで未来や過去の人生をめちゃくちゃにされた。過去虐めてきた奴らに

    1. Kill em All your ignorance is showing, you might wanna stop before you embarrass yourself further lil buddy. 😂

  3. Peplosi shows so much more class then bone spurs donny, with his classless speech he just shows what a pitiful person he is but he has pence behind him adoreing him with his eyes I thought pence might get up and start kissing trump. So pitiful to see someone who calls himself a Christian fawn over an evil manipulator of the American people.

    1. Jesus….go to SF and tell me she’s got class…she can’t even take care of the city.You’ve never been there…I have.

    2. Joe Maleski
      •5x dodging these draft
      •Raping a child
      •Fucking your own daughter
      •Calling Nazis “very fine people”
      •Sexually assaulting teens/women
      •kowtowing to dictators and terrorists
      •lying 15x in an 8hr day (for 3 yrs so far)
      •cutting SSI, MEDICARE
      •Attacking minorities, foreigners, war heroes, etc
      •Throwing our paper fucking towels in Puerto Rico
      •Bribing foreign gov for personal gain
      •calling Epstein a “longtime friend” and a “terrific guy”
      •attacking gold star families
      •calling the free press an “enemy of the state” (while Nazis are very fine people)
      …etc, etc, etc


  4. Remember the good old days when people could disagree without all the hate? politicians will always be politicians,stop being their useful idiots!!!

    1. People are too stupid and gullible. Advancements in technology and media have ruined the social structure of the world in general. Biased media networks and social media platforms do more harm than they do good. With the internet being what it is today, misinformation is ripe for the weak minded.

    2. @Pub Comrad Are you kidding me with that bullshit? If anyone is retaliating, it’s the Democrats. Mainly Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Bloomberg,……. the list goes on. I can’t believe that you are soo diluted that you would believe such garbage. Then again, you’re a Democrat. I should expect that kind of hate-mongering hypocrisy from you. Get for real.

    3. @Kevin Brown First off, your condescending bullshit is childish and immature. Second, the Democrats spent three and a half years and billions of the taxpayers money to go after Trump instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do. Have they produced any proof of wrong doing? No they haven’t. So you can’t argue that. They tried to impeach on some of the dumbest accusations in American history. The problem is that it doesn’t fit your agenda so you are angry and lashing out because you don’t know how to think or talk like an adult. No one will respect you or your half-assed biased opinion. If you really want to try, I’d love a chance to make you eat your own words. Please, I implore you.

    4. @Jane Doe Do you listen to what you say or do you just say it? That sounds unbelievably similar to what every Democrat on social media has done since Trump took office. You mean the fact that a majority of the Democrats engaged on a three and a half year clusterfuck at the expense of the American people to turn up nothing instead of doing their jobs as elected officials but other than that, I don’t really hear many Republicans bitching other than your usual media bullshit. You’re extremely naive if you actually believe your statement as if the Democrats aren’t guilty of the exact same thing. Stop with the hypocrisy.

  5. Everything is a crisis, especially America’s infrastructure. US cities are crumbling and American’s are expected to pay for the prosperity of other nations.
    Sound strategy.

    1. @My Own Private Idaho So you’re telling me. The Democrats are nicer? They will throw each other under the bus to stay at their position they don’t care about the good of the public. Take Warren who will make up lies about other democrats canidates, AOC who replaced a dude for saying he never spent time in their own city meanwhile she rides with Bernie never in her own city, and Nancy who Trump helped get her there.

    2. Mean Mister Mustard Obama did as much as he could do…with utter cuntservative obstruction…
      Lots of road work was done thanks to Obama

    3. @Toma Harley Tell that to my Latino community, made so many promises and granted none. Gave us places to abort unborn kids we majority are against abortion and deported more Latinos than Trump ever has.

  6. Thank you Christiane Amanpour … It’s refreshing to see the way you conduct interviews using a disarming and calm approach which makes for a nice interview setting. Instead of yelling, badgering, bullying or using agitation as a tool to get info.

    1. You can conduct an interview in different ways depending on whether you want someone’s open opinion in a relaxed environment or hold power accountable, in which case playing devil’s advocate or badgering can be appropriate, IMO. Many politicians and PR people are trained in giving indirect answers or avoiding the question and interviews are unfortunately often conducted under extreme time constraints. I appreciate when the journalist says “ok, you wont answer this question” loud and clear at some point and moves on.

    2. Father Mayhem you know by that comment you kind of destroyed your own point and made my own private Idaho’s for them right? Nice work

  7. I’d just like to see ANYTHING actually passed, since that’s the actual job description paid by taxpayers….so far it’s just been a bunch of words and orange man bad for the last 3years at least

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