Pelosi to Brianna Keilar: That’s not an appropriate question to ask

During an interview with CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Brianna Keilar's question on trusting US Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as a negotiator is "inappropriate".

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  1. Love how she say there’s a freight train coming and unfortunately it is heading right around us elitist and right to the peasants. So 😥.

  2. That was an idiotic thing to say. “To negotiate, you have to trust the other party”? There wouldn’t have been any negotiations in human history if that was the case.

    1. what a middle school question to ask. Let’s kick it down a notch. “Mommy, why are there negotiations?”

    2. @Stephanie P it’s this GOP Administration that is reneging on treaties that have been signed by our Government!!! That’s FACT , NOT FAKE NEWS!!!

    3. @Michael Toasterboy You call someone “slow” yet don’t know the proper use of the word, “YOU’RE.” Idiot.

    4. @Hope Everlasting MOSCOW MITCH MCCONNELL has said in the past that he would not negotiate and that it would have to be his way or the high way!

  3. Sorry, but Brianna Keiler comes across as inconsiderate and srlf-serving here. And also a bit clueless. When unions negotiate for salary increase with management, is anyone concerned with whether anyone on either side trust each other or not? It had nothing to do with the task at hand. Getting it down in writing does.

    1. gasmasongs Nancy looks lost all mouth, no integrity or honesty all diversification of problems in this nation but no clear solutions from her and her party, just the same blame card but no responsibilities from them, witchy stuff also they really don’t care about American people she’s so filthy rich, so she really don’t care about us National workers that keep the country going, she mentioned science, well scientists have been telling us to wear masks and practice social distancing, her being the speaker of the house should have had discussed this with the house physician, but she’s being true to herself, accepting no responsibility, “ unbelievable “.

    2. America Lost the reporters knows nothing about politics and how it works ..she only think in her mind of how she would talk to others normal American..this is politics ..CNN knows nothing of politics..

    3. @Nick Lopez Exactly, She should of asked Pelosi why did they put Marijuana banking in the stimulus package bill ?

    1. House passed their bill over 2 months ago for 3.4 trillion but yea blaines tho dems who just came out with a ineffective bill a week to the deadline

    2. @Jimmi B Schumer vetoed the $600 extra benefits for unemployment in an extension proposed by Republicans. Lying bag of turds.

    1. Exactly. These raging anti-socialists don’t realize how much they’re being played by the Republicans.

      It’s OUR MONEY, and we should demand bang for our tax buck. But Republicans convinced conservatives that liberals just want “free stuff” and don’t know we’re ushering-in some kind of Cuba, 1959 socialist takeover, which is NOT what’s happening. It’s just semantics and fear mongering. ALL governments have a socialist element. Government itself is socialist!

      There are some things better left to the free market, and some to the government because BOTH hyper-socialism AND hyper-capitalism can be bad. It’s simply a balance we need to strike, and we usually do.


    2. IMHERE2TROLL – they tax us way too much. They can give us 75% back and they will be fine. Just stop bailing out the billionaires.

    3. @Z. bellini you mean the clinton’s and obama’s, biden, and Pelosi? Trump is already a billionaire before becoming a president..look at the net worth of obama, pelosi, clintons and all famous democrat leaders before they went in to politics and compare how rich they are now after their terms and you will see where your money went! Moron!

  4. Do you trust him? Nonsense; she was looking for a negative reactions and comments that belittles Trump representative.

    1. Agreed. Pelosi will also look foolish and will start in a bad foot in the meeting. As mrs.obama said. When they go low.. we go high

    1. Marko Goldman … including McConnell Jordan McSally Graham Collins Pence DeVos Barr Ross Pompeo McConnell-Chao Mnuchin Meadows etc etc etc 👍

    2. the congress and the senate and term limits for them no more raises for them!!! they are stealing from US!!!

    3. You are way too generous… It should be a 30% pay cut for one full year and they should have the same medical plan as regular American citizens

    4. Rebecca Valicoff In a way that would be more reasonable for them to just give themselves a raise every year. Sorta like a cost of living increase, like regular companies do. Sometimes a small raise, sometimes a little more on good years. But, when there are arguments in the work place, it usually means someone’s gonna lose their job, when there are arguments no work gets done and under performance sets in. When you have a under preforming person in any work place they usually lose their job.

    5. They should, but they won’t unfortunately because they don’t care, talking about the Senate only.

  5. I agree with Madame Speaker – it’s a tacky question and irrelevant to the issue at hand. Both parties need to work together to help save people from going under completely and there is no time for pettiness.

    1. Wow,you hit the nail on the head,it’s terrible the lies and deceit,I’am 65 yo and been lied by the goverment and Media properganda all my life,and now because of “tech” we’re finally getting a small amount of the truth “Iceberg” thanks for your truthful comment.

  6. We should be able to ask this woman any question we want without her saying it’s inappropriate 🙄 worrying.

  7. I love how objective Brianna is. She is thorough and fair. Asking tough questions of both sides. Fox & Friends, you all could learn from her!

  8. *”They’ve been meeting the needs of the American people.”* It shows with how well San Francisco is being run.🤔

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