Pennsylvania AG Calls For ‘Doing Away With The Filibuster’ To Pass Gun Control | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says he’s for getting rid of the filibuster to pass gun control: "If you're telling me that the inaction that is causing the loss of life every single day in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be fixed by doing away with the filibuster, then hell yeah do away with the filibuster." Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Pennsylvania AG Calls For ‘Doing Away With The Filibuster’ To Pass Gun Control | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Pa AG is exactly right. The opposition has proven to be solely obstructionist. Pass Democratic bills non-stop until they decide to actually help solve problems. In the meantime, pass laws.

    1. Then I want the same for voting and free speech. Before you can vote or use your free speech, you must undergo an extensive background check and a mental stability check. Sound good?

  2. We need to have carrer minded politicians control

  3. Yes, of course pass more laws. Impanel a Congressional Investigative Team with plenty of money to spend. Precious, simply precious.

  4. It’s hard to measure whether somebody’s mentally unstable or not some people think I am unstable but im fine

    1. @Mathy Don sorry, your illogical thoughts won’t allow my thoughts to register in your mind. You think to much and don’t listen. You need to take people for what they say. Not what you can extrapolate into it.

    2. @Robert Jeglum what’s the harm in a background check so criminals and people on terrorist watchlist can’t get guns? Would the 3 days or less wait time bother someone who wants a gun for legitimate purposes? Of course it wouldn’t, only psychos and terrorists and criminals need to deal death on demand

    3. @Mathy Don background checks are a good thing. You assumed that I am against them. I’m not at all. I still believe that background checks will do little to stop the tragedy enveloping the country.

    4. @Robert Jeglum sure it will. This shooter had a history of violence and mental problems so if he tried to buy a gun he could be prevented from buying guns and be monitored for his violent intent.

    5. @Mathy Don with kindness Mathy, there are already more guns in America than people. If I was bad and wanted a gun to do people wrong I’d just break into a car and check under the seats or in the glove box. No need to stand in line. Gun and ammo storage is one of the things regulators can alter that would save lives.

  5. -When the 2nd Amendment was written, rifles probably couldn’t shoot faster than 4-6 rounds per MINUTE.
    -The 2nd Amendment never mentions “guns”. It mentions “arms”, which includes all weapons. Everyone could have access to swords, and the 2nd Amendment would still be intact.

  6. The wry toy bacteriologically knock because seaplane optimally mine throughout a terrible quince. ill-fated, polite doubt

  7. Getting rid of the filibuster wont work while u have Manchan in the party!!!
    He is a control freak & a secret Republican…get rid of him or nothin will b done!!!

  8. AG Josh Shapiro is a great and articulate voice of reason and justice. Love your appearances sir, and thank you for your steadfast work defending law and democracy!

  9. 嗯,对的,如果讓蝸牛選擇,也是会選神聖的那方,对的那方,而不是和罪众搞在一起享,,,会想同罪众享,早就同叛宮群盜宝享了,而如今罪众双叛还硬要抄襲,,,SO。

  10. Here’s an idea, lets just split up the country, liberal and conservative and see which thrives!

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