Pennsylvania flips Senate seat blue with John Fetterman win | USA TODAY


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    1. @Sun Shine hart is gonna solve your problems in pa? Both these guys are bought and paid for, no one asks themselves why this was the only 2 choices for the state. Being played for fools until the end. Rip Pa.

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  3. Out of all the PA candidates, this is the best they could do? The bar is so low now, the man could barely form a sentence anymore, let alone stay clear with what his policies are. This seems more like voter desperation voting blue across the board.🤣

    1. If Oz wanted to push Opiates and beat Bernie he should have campaigned further south. It’s called Hillbilly heroin for a reason.

    2. @Rob I don’t care about their former profession, as long as they take their current endeavors seriously. Oz was a trump puppet, nothing more. They were stuffing seats with deniers to help out trump. Desantis in Florida is a disaster, but will upset the trump cart come primary season.

  4. Senate Leader – Were taking a vote today. Mr. Fetterman, what say you? “Wonder, the shoes”. Sir, its yay or nay. “YAAAAAAAY and NAAAYY” I move to vote on replacing PA with Puerto Rico.

  5. Unfortunate with his stroke but what do you expect if Brandon was elected president? 🤣 let’s go get some ice cream

  6. Lots of sour grapes in this comment section. I was wondering when you all would show up. Glad you’re here spreading your hate on this wonderful Wednesday morning.

  7. First the Eagles, now this. So proud of my home state! Rooting for you guys from the Pacific coast. Sorry Phillies, maybe next year. 🎉

  8. “Hi. Good night, everybody.”
    ~ Lurch Festterneck 🧠

    Demoralization is a process that is “irreversible” ~ Yuri Bezmenov

  9. The gargoyle won, and there was much rejoicing……………….. little did they know what they did! I’m Andy not Annmarie!

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