Pension Fraud in Jamaica Worries PAC | TVJ News - July 13 2021 1

Pension Fraud in Jamaica Worries PAC | TVJ News – July 13 2021


Pension payments for deceased seniors being collected by fraudulent means. It's one of the concerns in the Auditor General's report on the Accountant General's department pension operations. Suggestions were made at Tuesday's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting for technology to be used in rectifying the matter but there are still hurdles preventing this approach.

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  1. yep it a happen someone dead and and daughter a collect his pension and the the wife not getting any of the money it’s sick

  2. Any ting fi ease di suffering of di poor dem always a fine a problem for di solution instead of di odda way around..dats why dem a target di senior citizens fi tek di poison because dem noh wah get dem wey dem work for

  3. I believe government employees should go and look to see if the pensioners is still alive at their house

  4. You do anything when you pour what do you expect do it make it right no poor country poor people

  5. I am sorry Jamaica System should be linked to death registry, every death should be reported to pension services. Government should once be held accountable for losses. You have to register death this is something simple that should have been in place from woppie was a child.

  6. Pension office can check the register of death each month to see whether person is alive or otherwise. Visiting house and they refuse to let you in to check, send investigator to check.

  7. My mother got one of the life certificate, which was certified by a JP & mailed to the office that sent it

  8. That’s a poor excuse, this is how you prove the system is lack professionalism, first of all when a person died before burial family members are required by law to get a death certificate, why would family members still receiving pension if the dead is registered dead? Certainly shows someone not doing their job.

  9. Lol. This is part of why I love Julian Robinson…him boring but him comical…’rent a grandma?’ Lol
    Instead if videos about rum and raisins icecream the police could assist by making welfare checks and providing the video of the real grandmas for verification!

  10. The lady in the white, ……….can you see the type of representative we have in Jamaica government how’s it we going to left up this country take a video to show if person his a life……crazy lol

  11. I just hope they don’t make it harder for pensioners to get their money now. With increased regulations

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