Pentagon breaks silence about US airstrikes in Syria

Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder discusses a US airstrike in Syria against what it said were Iranian-affiliated facilities after a suspected Iranian drone on Thursday struck a facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an American contractor and wounding five US service members.
The contractor was an American citizen, a spokesman for US Central Command confirmed, and an additional US contractor was also wounded in the strike. An official familiar with the matter told CNN that the injured service members are all in stable condition. #Syria #cnn #News


  1. Could there be a bug in western radar technology? Its a coincidence, but in some ways a common aspect of a handful of stories coming out of aviation over the last decade revolve around the reliance of radar and its trustworthiness as a guaranteed technology. Hopefully this drone getting through defenses isnt a “tracer round” to make sure the bug is exploitable before wasting tactical resources.

    1. @Nimbus Nimbus IV Invasions have been happening for centuries, literally. That doesn’t make them right, but it does make it a fact.

    2. @watchin’ it When the same is done in a non- Muslim country its considered a war crime e.g. Ukraine

    3. @Jason C. You have made an incorrect assumption. I did not justify an invasion. I merely made a statement of fact that invasions have been happening for centuries, which in fact, is a fact. Jason, read with comprehension. (edited typo).

    1. @Jason C. There’s no double standard war crimes are war crimes. A strike in militants that attacked first isn’t a war crime.

  2. The way that general was caught off guard when he got introduced resonates with me big time. His reaction is me in every zoom meeting ever. 😅

    1. At least you didn’t get caught doing something… naughty like a certain CNN legal analyst 😏

    1. ​@Joe Cater you have that wrong way around. ISIL was founded in Iraq and invaded in to Syria. They were also initially supplied by USA in hopes they can overthrow Assad. Approximately 40% of Syrian territory is currently under illegal occupation by israhel and USA trained extremist groups. USA troops were deployed to Syria against protest of both Assad and Syrian opposition party. It lead to unification of government and change of USA mission from overthrowing Assad to steal as much oil as possible while training Islamist militias to fight against Assad.
      Kinda kick in the nuts when screaming how all Ruskis must leave Ukraine.

    1. ​@jigil jigil yeah the people of Syria saw what happened to the people of Iraq when our freedom bombs took a million innocent lives and decided they wanted some of that

    2. @LoveWankingToTeddyCovers That is a pretty insightful comment.

      We literally have no reason to be there, at least not a reason our government would be willing to admit.

    1. @dingusJust makes you a normie considering you go out your way to even do that lmfao. Like what?

    1. i don’t pray, almost ever, and i’m an atheist in fact. I provide support, and have a personal wilingness to die for tribes other than my own , for humanist values. How about u?

  3. I am a Syrian living in South Asia and I cannot stop my tears when I look at the condition of my country. Most of my family members are still struggling for there life there and I cannot do anything for them.💔

    1. I’m so sorry that the terror and greed from the American cowboys has destroyed your country beautiful country but don’t worry every suffering being will be twice as strong and beautiful love Syria 🇸🇾🙏🏽✌🏽

  4. I will wait for Redacted to cover this story so I have a better sense of possible involvement, motivations and development of events.

  5. Instead of worrying about “proportion,” worry about the next attack coming because you’re choosing to leave them alive.

  6. Thank God for ByeDon.
    This guy doesn’t hit empty airports he has already warned the enemy about.
    The whole world safer for his existence, purpose…
    ByeDon, all he ever had to do, and more.

  7. I think Gen. Ryder was cut short, he had a lot more to add to the volatility of the Syrian / Iranian situation.

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