People are moving to this Midwest city for one particularly reason 1

People are moving to this Midwest city for one particularly reason


The climate change is raising a question for millions of Americans: Is anywhere safe from the climate crisis? Some say Duluth, Minnesota, is the new "climate refuge."
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  1. I lived in Northern Michigan & the winters are getting shorter & the summers longer. Its also very humid in July & August. Used to be dry. Lake Michigan Is still clean !

    1. @Bob Davis actually it sounds like you understand. If the water 500 ft down warms to point there is no inversion there is no remixing.

  2. You are as safe as you care for your environment, look after Mother Earth, for the moment she’s all we’ve got. 🌍

    1. @Mr. James have you read hr5736 it’s basically making it legal to disinform the American people through media. It was from 2012 any idea who that would be?

    2. @Mr. James oh sorry man I thought you were asking about propaganda and climate change. So here we go. Undercover video of cnn director admitting they have been reporting propaganda news on trump, gaetz and then their plan is to push the climate change agenda. Actually admitted their plan. It’s crazy it’s all fake. And I couldn’t understand why they aren’t getting kicked off the air so I started researching and found Obama’s hr 5736 that makes it legal for the media to mislead americans with propaganda news. Hope that helps.

  3. Have people from California actually been to Duluth in the winter? Do they know what -50 feels like?

    1. @Hamid Guedra My grandfather was born in a Finnish mining camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My father was raised in an all-Finnish neighborhood in Southfield. But I’m about as Finnish as Kermit the Frog.

      And Minnesota gets COLD. Like, steal-your-soul cold.

    2. Let’s see how virtuous these “non-colonizers” are after they truly get a taste of diversity and they lose their culture and heritage.

    3. @Petra Starr it suuuuucks asssss. half the year you don’t want to leave your house. suuuuucks assssss.

      the fire isn’t everywhere, ok? but the snow is. and there’s no amount of anything that will stop the snow. sucks assssss

  4. As someone from Minnesota, it’s really weird to think there may be a wave of out-of-towners moving here. It’s a pretty insular place with a distinct regional culture, so I have mixed feelings about mass migration. Part of the reason Minnesota is nice is because there is so much nature preserved

    1. ​@raible 95

      “$1 billion federal-state agreement seeks to reduce California wildfire risks

      Peter Fimrite
      Aug. 30, 2020
      Updated: Aug. 30, 2020 10:10 p.m.
      San Francisco Chronicle

      “The plan is for the state and federal governments to each reduce wildfire risk on 500,000 acres of forest and wildlands a year, including the removal of forest debris and using prescribed fire.”

    2. @raible 95 This alternate source provides context:

      “Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice: Agrees to $1 billion Forest Management Plan to Prevent Wildfires”

      Breitbart Aug 31, 2020

  5. About three years ago wife interviewed at the hospital everyone in Duluth likes. While we ended up declining (well, she did, I thought it was a cool, offbeat place) climate change was definitely something we were thinking about.

  6. As per that old saying I used to hear as a child, “A fire is worse than the most determined thief. The thief may rob you of all your personal treasures and belongings, but, at least, he leaves the walls standing and the roof untouched.” How true!

    1. This is why I tell my neighbor that a sprinkler system will better protect your home than a sidearm. Uh oh … here we go lol.

    2. @Aero FPV might be true, but people should be able to purchase and own any weapon they want for defense just as we have the right to defend ourselves from fires

    3. @Ramone Escobedo by golly if any fire threatens my home, In gonna pull out my glock and let em have it!

  7. Tucson , AZ. It’s REALLY hot here sometimes, it has high elevations, nice winters, no threat of bad earthquakes, tornados are almost unheard of (1 in 35 years I’ve been here.) It’s just nice. And it’s not Phoenix.

    1. Water shortages are going to be kind of a problem. AC is critical for survival. I’m from Duluth MN, but lived in Tucson for 5 years. They are both nice, but if you’re not used to extreme dry heat it’s going to be a huge struggle. Likewise, if you’re not used to extreme cold, that’s going to be a struggle too.

  8. I would never move out of California. I would plant more trees to make it beautiful again. I am trying to move back close to the beach🌴. We need to clean up our beaches.

    1. @Alex Rivera California is our Countries most successful state – It’s the world’s 5th largest economy in itself, has the most amount of jobs, and has the most beautiful weather year-round – and it’s “cool/glamorous”… Because of, people have been flocking there for decades! CA’s problem isn’t needing more jobs, it’s needing FEWER people, as people have been flocking to CA for decades. Because of, and although there are tons of jobs, there are still way too many people which has led to homelessness.

      It may sound silly, but if you’re going to be homeless CA is the place to be – beautiful weather, rarely rains – so they stay.

      – You can’t force homeowners to sell/rent for cheaper in one of the world’s most sought out state/cities. This also means Businesses (that there’s no shortage of) need to charge more to pay their high rent and taxes (cost of living).
      – You can’t lower taxes in a state/city with MILLIONS of people to monitor/maintain – plus lowering taxes will simply bring in MORE people.
      – You have to have strict laws on construction or else people will start dividing their land/expanding their homes to accommodate more people turning the area/s into shantytowns in an already highly congested area.

      CA only option is to try and control the influx of people w/ higher taxes and making it a pain in the a**, but people still show up, and in a highly competitive state many fail/get beat down mentally taking away all motivation – but stay for the weather.

      I see no solution… The state is the product of being too desirable w/its weather and “cool” factor – with a chance of making it big…

    2. *This is why California keeps burning. You people keep planting trees that don’t belong in that #$@*ing ecosystem.*

  9. I predict those same people moving to Duluth will leave once they experience their first winter. They’re brutal


    2. I personally doubt that if someone lives south of the 49th parallel, they would most certainly be able to survive a winter as long as their home is heated, insulated and they own a jacket thicker than a sports coat or a wind breaker. My father moved from Sudan to Winnipeg during winter and he was able to withstand -20 C. A California should be able to withstand -10 degrees centigrade.

    3. I mean, I grew up there so maybe I’m used to it… It’s not that bad anymore. If you’re cold you put on some layers and a coat. Problem solved. Get a snow blower if you don’t like shoveling.

    1. @Jb mikado M I know exactly what she means. I grew up in a racist environment, I know what it looks like.

  10. _”Some say…”_

    Is it even possible to produce lazier writing than this?? Some say Elvis is still alive!

    1. I guess you missed the part where they said the winters there are getting warmer. That is the focus of this video – changing climate.
      In the next 50 years, the climate in the northern part of the U.S. and southern Canada may become more like St.Louis or Kansas City –
      cold in the winters – but not brutal as they have been in the past. Try to pay closer attention to the OVERALL narrative – rather than a
      narrow segment to fit your negative ideals.

  11. I’ve lived here for 43 years, nobody calls us the San Francisco of the mid west…. figure it out. It’s a beautiful place I have been fortunate to live in. But don’t try and make it into something else, that takes away from what it is.

  12. I left Ca in 1975 for Oregon and have loved it until about 10 yrs ago. The wildfires come every year just when the weather clears. Weeks on end of coughing and living indoors because of air pollution. Living with suitcases packed by the door in level 2 evac gets old. I am resolved to move now because there is only more drought and high hot winds in the future. It is truly heartbreaking.

  13. From a Minnesotan….Duluth is very cold, heavier snow because of the lake and windy, not much industry. Snow melts in April or May and snows as early as October. Also, our summers get up in the 90’s with thick mosquitoes and high humidity. We are also having more cloudy days in fall and winter here, bring your light box and some long johns.

  14. Welcome to MN! Let’s not deceive you though, the clip should’ve also showed someone shoveling 2 feet of snow out of their driveway in -50 winds so they could slip all over the icy roads to get to work. But we love it here anyway dontchaknow!!💕

  15. Haha, San Francisco of the north! It does have hills, just add in it’s -45 , it’s thunder snowing 20+ inches, or a mix freezing rain. Good times

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