‘People will die’ if hospitals don’t get more staff: ONA | COVID-19 in Canada

Cathryn Hoy, from the Ontario Nurses' Association, says that hospital staffing shortages has been a problem for decades.

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  1. Every single job that has a opening that requires some sort of certificate or license, has openings because the 🐂💩/💰 scale is way off. I’m in the same union as these guys but on the industrial side and I’m making the least amount of money and working the most I ever have since I joined, I have 12 years experience. I work the equivalent of two full time jobs and can’t cover bills with one paycheck, they’re all split between 2. Our negotiations for pay started last November and still haven’t gone anywhere. Liuna does nothing but drag their feet and pretend to actually do anything.

    1. @Rupert Periwinkle do your own freakin research instead of asking me to do it for you. You might learn something.

    2. …or they could have standards and leave the nurses who subscribed to misinformation unemployed? Quite the conundrum.

    3. @Rupert Periwinkle ah yes , thousands , and hundreds of doctors. My wife was one of them.

  2. Where I am from, if you ask any union if there is enough staff they will say no. Hard to build credibility when your only objective is to collect more union dues.

    1. Couldn’t agree more…..Nurses, teachers postal workers complain about wages…What happens when you pay them more?? Something has to give weather it’s higher taxes, supply cuts, or less employees….Like my parents told me growing up money does not grow on tree’s….

  3. Where did all the money our federal and provincial distributed during COVID go to? That could have been used to expand nurses and doctors positions, as well as hospital beds. Brick and mortar additions onto hospitals also. Shouldn’t have fired all the nurses who were wanting to serve but not have the vaccines. Everyone involved seems to love shortages because money gets handed out. No excuses.

    1. Ya our politicians have nice houses maybe even cottages, nice cars , great investments and solid retirement plans and pay.

    2. That covid money was mostly spent at the liquor store and the pot store. Easy come easy go.

  4. My eldest daughter was a intense care nurse through Covid. She just . Went part time. Burnt out

  5. It’s been like this for Decades and ignored. Years ago my Great Grandmother had Stroke, they would bring her food and leave it on the table in front of her, she could not feed herself, no one fed her and she literally ‘Starved’ to death in a Toronto Hospital.

    1. They don’t care. My friends family had to hire a companion to take care of their grandmother or have a family member there to help. That’s why it’s very dangerous allowing hospitals and governments ban visitors during Covid.

  6. We gutted our economy during the pandemic to prevent hospital overcrowding while absolutely nothing has been done to increase staffing levels in the last 20 years. On top of that, any healthcare workers that refused the vax, mostly because they’d already had covid, were fired when we knew the vax did nothing to prevent transmission. The incompetence is unbelievable.

  7. We personally know someone who has died in the past few weeks because of this and bed shortage.

  8. There’s plenty of nurses and doctors in Canada but because their education abroad the can’t practice in the country and they instead have to do lower jobs. Perhaps the ministers of education , immigration, AND health in both federal and provincial jurisdictions should finally address this issue.

  9. Let all these nurses go free from all the shielding, masking, layering, it’s really not needed anymore. This is why no one wants to be in the nursing business today. They are suffocating, and breathing in their own stale air. Let them go free

  10. REPEAL BILL 124 – stop the pay freeze so nurses and allied health teams can get better pay. There’s no pay freezes for cops and firefighters, but there are for nurses. Yet they are the backbone of the entire healthcare system.

  11. ive payed attention to politics since I was a teenager back in the early 2000s. this has been a problem for as long as I can remember.
    maybe it’s time we stop letting the government control this sector and open it up to the private industry

    1. Other provinces didnt have as much carelessness as ontario had…its not about govt ..its whos ur govt..that u trust them with ur life lol

  12. My elderly dad had to go to ER during Covid lockdown, they didn’t have a doctor to see him for several hours, when my dad wanted to leave the staff put restraints on his feet and arms, tied him down to the bed! We don’t trust the health care system anymore!

  13. This country desperately needs 20 years of Conservative governments at every level.

  14. According to the OECD study that came out a few weeks ago…Canada has the highest cost healthcare with the lowest outcomes. Our health care system is broken in more ways than just paying more for nurses and doctors, we also need to get rid of the multiple levels of management that do nothing but cost huge dollars. Smaller government is the only way.

  15. if Big Lenny doens’t need a hospital for employment nor medical services than neither do we. While Dale Chance is crashing his BMW into houses, we’re in the gym smashing 405 for 20 reps at 300lbs ripped. 3-4 scoops per shake, 5 times per day. C’mmon I don’t want to hear this once a day nonsense.

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