Pete Buttigieg: Fighting Climate Change Could Also Create Traditional, Union Jobs | MSNBC 1

Pete Buttigieg: Fighting Climate Change Could Also Create Traditional, Union Jobs | MSNBC


Answering a question from a student at Georgetown University, Mayor Pete Buttigieg says new jobs created by "retro-fitting" to address climate change can also be traditional union jobs, and not necessary "exotic."
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Pete Buttigieg: Fighting Climate Change Could Also Create Traditional, Union Jobs | MSNBC


  1. Good paying come to NC.. 8 to 9 dollars and hour.. this is the problem.. imagine putting back for retirement on that much money..

  2. I. Say we have a civil war.. again.. on corperations.. we know we have been left behind.. what Pete says is what has been said every time since 1970.. be nice.. no one in the corperate world is nice.. just stop.. billionare money is fighting us.

  3. A lot of money has been made from fossil fuels and that is now pitted against Education and Modernization.
    Most of the super rich inherited wealth (and they are somehow proud of it). If they were as smart as their ancestor who made the money, they would have invested in renewable energy before now.

    1. I believe the New World Order/Old World Order cabal globalist elites are attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheeple, and implement a global Climate Change tax, in order to (once again) line their pockets and finance their lavish lifestyles. They control the television news media and Hollywood. They also control education, text books, and the medical and big pharma mafias. I hear that Rothschild even owns the Weather Channel now — and the man he bought it from also says that Climate Change is a globalist hoax on the sheeple. Besides all of that, Communist China and India are the worst polluters. All the trash you see in the water comes from Communist China, not America. China and India are rich, and so should pay for their crimes against the environment. Period.
      Videos: 1) “Heaven Sent Trump of God” (by Komorusan Q714).
      2) “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” (full) (by David Icke).
      3) “What’s the Real Agenda Behind Climate Change Alarmism?” (by LibertyInOurTime).
      4) “Why The Establishment Hates Trump”
      5) “Weather Control – China ‘s Perfect Weapon” (by JCVdude).
      6) “Weather Warfare” (by Mary Hardy).
      7) “Weather Channel Founder on Climate Change” (by The Young Turks).

  4. I agree with Mayor Pete.  Going green isn’t just a slogan; it means a new path to prosperity for everyone.  Who do you think is going to retrofit all those buildings, build the next generation of electric vehicles, and build the infrastructure?  I guess if we snooze and let the elite run the show we will get the outcome we deserve.

  5. Radiation….ebola…..pollution…..plastic debris gyres mid-ocean……the garbage is becoming a choking mess….and genetically modified foodstuffs ( GMO CRAP ETC ) threatens to adulterated all crops……..DUH…..WHO CAN’T FIGURE THIS IS PLANNED…?.

  6. I love the way all the scientists who provide credible evidence that man did NOT cause warming are ridiculed, fired and even WORSE. Silenced. We know how the game is played. No, Thank Q

    1. real qanon ” that man did NOT cause warming”, seems rather gender specific to me. That’s what the right wing does……

  7. Instead of these coal workers sitting around waiting for something that will never happen, maybe we should invest in green energy technology and have them work there?
    Just a thought.

  8. Pete you mean like jobs at Solyndra? You remember the failed clean energy company that Obama gave 450 million tax dollars to?

  9. Pendejo and 3% in the polls Julian Castro says vote for
    candidates at the local, state, and federal levels who have a climate plan?
    Why? Climate change is fake!

  10. Come on Millennials and Gen Z, the planet is counting on you. I’m a baby-boomer. My tree-hugging days are over. All I can do now is cheer you on from the sidelines.

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