Pete Buttigieg Reacts To Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Kissing’ Remarks | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to homophobic remarks from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh during a CNN town hall Tuesday night. Aired on 2/19/2020.
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Pete Buttigieg Reacts To Rush Limbaugh's 'Kissing' Remarks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. VladI Not really. They just both love destroying the progressive narrative right now. Both are also entertainers as well.

    1. I watched this exchange live last night, and the best part was Erin Burnett’s reaction… she totally cracked up! Mayor Pete – great response!!! Now all the homophobes are lurking around the comment section, pitiful. Go watch Rush Limbaugh, you losers.

  1. “We are proud to be the party of good ol’ family values…that’s why he picked the guy who cheated on his wife and married the mistress…TWICE!” – republicans.

    1. @Trudy Saint Clair your government thinks you lack the intellect to be given the basic human right of legal control over your own genitals. Stop commenting and proving your government correct.

    2. @Trudy Saint Clair It’s sad that you think transgender people go through all that just so they can watch kids pee. And I’m sorry that you’re not emotionally and mentally mature enough to understand that the world is a complex place where you sometimes have to accept people’s differences instead of live in fear of them. I will pray for you.

    3. @Ro G There have been actual assaults by perverts posing as transgender on children.How can you tell them apart? Not all of them dress. Like Big Mike Obama

  2. I was on a roll.I spend time talking to my family n Friends.Si I’m talking from alot of Us in America The Beautiful.

  3. So Men Kissing Men polls below zero, means attack! Edit to add: Doctors need to start assigning how people better, especially when it comes to reality.

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