1. Has anyone ever seen him kiss his husband in public? I’m asking because gays are usually loving people and would not be proven racist.

    2. Even for me and I’m totally straight. He’s exactly like a totally repressed , white, slightly upper class man of the 1940’s, or the kind that Freud made a living off.

    3. I know, I was so excited when they announced our first gay candidate and then he spoke and I was like “nerdy gays are perfection”, 6 months later, no clear policies and no real emotion.

    1. Seriously. Bernie just won NH decidedly, and is polling way better in almost every poll, and the media still refuses to mention the name “Bernie Sanders”, let alone acknowledge he is the actual frontrunner.

    2. @MARK MALASICS welcome to the internet Mark, typing like this is a common technique used to show that one is using sarcasm as this can be hard to detect on the on internet. Happy scrolling brother.

    1. Cuz this is Corporate media. They don’t hold politicians accountable for their actions. The instead turn a blind eye. This is CNN were talking about here. This isn’t some independent Progressive new station like the hill. AKA The Rising

    2. It’s meant to boost Buttigied, because he is a neoliberal who is OK with keeping money in politics. Which is what CNN wants. They’re scared to death of Bernie Sanders.

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