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  1. Pastor Vicente Silva | September 19, 2019 at 7:11 PM | Reply

    Greetings Friends!!! Have a great evening.

  2. Pete : “ I feel like Elizabeth should be more transparent”


    • MC Lover ahahahahahahhahaahhaha people and their crazy assumptions 😬😆

    • michaelthemovieman | September 20, 2019 at 12:11 PM | Reply

      @Mockery Channel The blacks are notoriously homophobic, as we saw with Obama voters in their group voting overwhelmingly for Proposition 8 and in them telling Booty Jizz to his face that they won’t vote for him, so yeah, you’re right; he WON’T be elected.

    • @Noah Einstein just make sure you vote Blue in 2020. You owe us more than that… Allah is blessing

    • @Chris Oros nevermind that, make sure you vote Democrat ticket. Unless you’re racist like Trump. Allah

  3. RJ the Genius Beats | September 19, 2019 at 11:16 PM | Reply

    Warren doesn’t answer that question in straightforward terms because obviously everybody’s taxes will go up, but their overall costs will go down bc they wont be spending upwards of $1000 a month on healthcare. It’s a disingenuous question.

    • @Nancy L Apparently the democrat Ed Buck had another overdose incident at his lgbt meth butt sex party, and was arrested. I hope the lgbt sex gimp that survived the meth overdose has insurance.

    • I generally agree but I think she, just one time, needs to answer it fully so people will shut up about it. I have a theory that Pete, Biden, Booker, and every other Democrat going after Bernie/Warren for these plans don’t actually understand them, because they are just shills for the big money donors they accept campaign contributions from. Like Cory and Pharmaceutical Companies.

    • @CaptainSpauIding Yep! Better their taxes go to the Defense Dept. for more wars and to help build a wall.

    • @CaptainSpauIding You have no idea of what you are talking about. Several years back I worked as NA for an agency, at $7.25 an hour, 35 hours a week. That gave no health insurance. I could not afford my prescriptions nor health ins. premiums. Now if you are going to suggest that I should have gotten a higher paying job, then realize: Someone has to fill these positions, they help keep a lot of the elderly at home and prevent placement in a Nursing Home.

  4. Congress has totally lost control of the other two branches. While all this crap goes on they’ve slipped in hundreds of judges.

    • babyeveryonegirlhd.info/mRe0D0

    • I wish we could all just be FFFFF Friends

    • Congress doesn’t control the other branches. They are completely independent. Please learn how government works and come back.

    • Excellent point. 170 Federal judges have been put in place under this Administration and 35 more waiting confirmation by the GOP Senate. By the time some of these cases work their way to SCOTUS we will have a new Constitution written with the erosion of people’s rights. In the meantime the public is to be busy watching the soap operas come out of Washington to pay attention.

  5. Buttigieg doesn’t “take a swipe at Warren”. As always, with composure and class, he plainly articulates his position and what has been said by Warren or Sanders. He does not attack them.

    • Alan G. and others, Buttigieg answered Clapper’s question about Warren’s plan re health insurance. Clapper could have asked a follow-up, but he didn’t. So the conversation moved on without more details. I happen to agree that Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It, can lead to Medicare for All, whereas demanding Medicare or All in one fell swoop has no chance of getting approved. Mayor Pete has the same goal, but he’s more savvy about how to get there.

    • @Mickey E Have you read all the policies and detailed plans on Yang2020 ? Did you watch the climate change townhall on MSNBC and CNN ?

  6. Warren and Sanders would raise taxes, but people would STILL be paying LESS for their healthcare. Any plan that goes forward without taking care of ALL of the costs, at the time service, will not be successful. I am disabled, and I HAVE insurance, but I still can’t afford all of the co-pays and drug costs. the private insurance game is just THAT. And it isn’t a “game” designed for The People to win. It is designed for the insurance company to make a profit, while if at all possible, denying you services, tests, etc.

    Government-run healthcare isn’t designed to make a profit; only to pay for services rendered, while keeping drug costs down through negotiating prices. Is “Medicare For All” expensive. Sure it is. But it’s far less costly than the private insurance system.

    This would be a lot easier for people to understand, and there would be FAR less fear over these proposals, if Big Pharma & the insurance companies weren’t spending millions on manipulative and deceitful disinformation campaigns.

    Please, folks, let’s not allow them to succeed. It’s YOUR money and it’s YOUR health. Don’t be fooled by these money-grubbing pricks (and they ARE some money-grubbing pricks). If it was up to them, you could lay in the road, and die. As long as they get your monthly premiums and co-pays. And, soon enough, you won’t have a pot to piss in.

    • @laharl sama There are many forms of socialism. When people talk about healthcare what they mean is social democracy. Yes, socialism is when the worker decide over the means of production.
      Your arguments above are very stupid. Unlike you i will explain why. You give no mechanism how medicare for all would drive up the cost. Why would the cost be different from today if everyone was covered by private healthcare? It should be even cheaper, because medicare for all is centralized, doesn’t need ads and profits.
      And please, your argument must be logical and no conspiracies please.

    • Vote for the man that has been fighting long and hard for decent healthcare. A person’s voting record speaks volumes on what he will and will not do if elected.

    • Idiot….my employer pays my healthcare in Socialist Europe they pay 50% income taxes plus a 20% VAT Tax for free healthcare.

  7. I agree she needs to be more open by saying yes, but… Medicare for all is a less costly solution if you consider that insurance is in itself a tax along with drug costs, co-pays, deductibles, etc.

  8. Click-bait title! Come on CNN. 😤

  9. Your employer shouldn’t need to deal with your medical coverage! Medicare for All fixes that! Making it easier for every employer by getting them out of the Insurance racket. Your employer shouldn’t dictate your only affordable coverages or your insurance provider.

  10. Swipe at EW my a**!! He explains everything in a great way and doesn’t get in your face

  11. Hey conservatives, you know who has zero taxes? Mozambique. You should look into it.

    • notmyname fornow | September 20, 2019 at 2:22 AM | Reply

      Hey Libtard.. maybe you should’ve FACT check your comment or just use Google… You know.. just like Hillary Clinton keep telling you guys to FACT check or maybe what she meant was , only fact check the people that use their God given common sense, the conservatives? That’s whatsup! 🙃

    • @notmyname fornow You represent the right wing well, angry and borderline illiterate.

    • Hey Brian C Canada has universal care. Feel free to check it out 😂

  12. Andrew Yang has the best answer: We are spending 2x much to worse care, if those stats are correct. Then paying for it should not be a big deal.

    • Literally what Bernie says only Bernie also has had a plan laid out for a while.

    • True but he doesn’t have a healthcare plan tho

    • The sweepstake opening from Yang came off as extremely gimmicky to me and not genuine at all! Also it’s a mere fraction of the families in the U.S. why not donate it to the poor who really need it instead of using it as a way to gain traction! Attack me all you want but that’s how it looked 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Insurance companies are not just going to take a dip in their profits because govt is taking their clients. They will raise their prices faster than cable bills who moved to Netflix. They’ll make rules on who can have Medicare and cry anyway and raise the prices. This is America you heard Biden. We’ll end up with some watered down version for republicans to take apart for years to come. That’s why we need m4a first. Go for the whole enchilada. Ins companies had their time and screwed their clients over killing a lot of people. The govt has to step in to protect americans. Raise the Medicare part of taxes.

  14. Remember when Obama was caught on open mic talking to Dmitry Medvedev that if he was re-elected, he’d have more flexibility? I bet it’s worse with Trump.

  15. Except that Medicare for All still saves the individual family thousands of dollars even if taxes are raised. #berniesanders2020

  16. 😂😂😂 can you imagine trying to get answers like this out of Donald?

  17. In a cat fight, Pete will scratch Warren causing her to lose her Indian heritage…

  18. crackerasscracker | September 20, 2019 at 10:55 AM | Reply

    Free stuff for everyone, even people who WON’T work, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS great plan

  19. You’re right, transparency and respect is vital. Wanna talk about all those police shootings in your town, mayor?

  20. An oversight body with a less than 20% approval rating.😂😂😂

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