44 Comments on "Pete Buttigieg: When a president talks like this, it has implications"

  1. Retreat? Golf?

  2. VOTE Blue for healthcare, green jobs, etc etc!!

    • Roberto O. Millán “BernTheSwamp” is the best thing I have heard in a LONG time. Pete, Bernie, and Yang are the future of America. Either choice is good.

    • The only problem with voting blue you’re also voting for no control over our borders, not only abortion but killing full term babies, taking away people’s guns, Medicare for all including non- Americans etc etc

    • Shawn Corbin The National Debt is ballooning under Trump. Lower taxes don’t work. If you truly love your country you would mind paying a bit more taxes if it will improve the quality of life. Personal Liberties >> Economic Freedom. Money isn’t everything.

    • Mark Evans — the government already runs Medicare and it’s more popular and well run than any private insurance program.

    • Judy McBride — you are fake news. Literally everything you stated is false.

  3. I agree with Pete on this. Let people keep their private coverage if they like it.

    Medicare option for those that want a good quality program at a lower price.

    Let’s see who can deliver good healthcare – private or public.

    The Medicare overhead is 5%. Private sector overhead is 25-30%.

    A public option will force down private sector prices.


  4. Trump never gave any plans why she has to

  5. Steven Moomaw-Tupper | October 20, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

    Hahaha.. the traitor backs down on his deplorable plans of bleeding American tax money to his resort and pockets!! 😅🇺🇸😅🇺🇸

  6. Amanda Kleynhans | October 20, 2019 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    This is a NWO plan, they force this all over the world

  7. Steven Moomaw-Tupper | October 20, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Reply

    The people who support trump are a danger to all American’s!! 🇺🇸😑🇺🇸

    • The people who trust *_corporations_* like CNN or Fox News as “legitimate news” are a danger to all Americans… They’re giving your opinions to you.

    • TRE45ON

    • Steven Moomaw-Tupper. No we aren’t. We are the reason America will survive. You folks have clearly demonstrated that you are against the constitution, and the bill of rights. You oppose freedom of speech, and seek to disarm the American people. You are a threat to our constitutional republic. The left is a domestic enemy.

  8. If he was a CEO he would have been fired long time ago

  9. Aren’t we pay the bill for a PressSec? It’s almost like we don’t have one.

    • I thought we had one….you know the fat orange guy who shouts over the whine of a helicopter warming up.

    • John Quill Taylor | October 20, 2019 at 12:15 PM | Reply

      What about the more *important* jobs? Almost a full year ago, we could read this:

      For more than two years, the United States has failed to send an ambassador to Canberra, and Australians who pay attention to foreign policy see the omission as a slight. “It’s starting to really grate, particularly for true believers in the alliance,” James Curran, a foreign-policy scholar at the University of Sydney, told me. “They fear it is a signal from Washington that Australia might not be so valued a partner after all.”

      “Australia, from President Trump’s perspective, is a second-class ally,” former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.

      There’s no U.S. ambassador in Mexico, our troubled neighbor to the south. No ambassador in nuclear-armed Pakistan, arguably the most dangerous country on Earth. No ambassador in Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world. No ambassador in Jordan, a vulnerable ally sandwiched between Syria and Israel. No ambassador in South Africa or Singapore.

      In 18 countries including those, the White House hasn’t even designated anyone for the job. In 41 more, Trump has nominated a candidate who is stuck waiting for Senate confirmation. And those numbers don’t count special envoys or representatives at international organizations who carry the rank of ambassador.

      The overall result: Almost half of the top-level jobs in the State Department are still empty almost two years into the administration.

      – Information by Doyle McManus taken from “The Atlantic” (Nov 2018) –

    • @John Quill Taylor Good call.

  10. Hitler’s Germany has arrived fairly quickly in my land. Did not imagine it would fall so fast, so precipitously.

  11. _”Rare retreat”_
    Hardly. Dotard just retreated from Syria, surrendering U.S military posts to Russia/Iran/Syria. But what else would you expect from a draft dodging coward.

    • @Randy Lail I’ve said it before and will say it again the USA started all this sh#t by invading Iraq and Afghanistan. If you want to bailout like yellowed bellied, two faced, back stabbers then on your way. The Kurds have lost 11,000 brave men and women fighting ISIS shoulder to shoulder with USA troops and US Air Force. USA has the best and most envied fighting force in the world, but Trump has stabbed the Kurds in the chest looking them in the eye. Unbelievable. I love Bill Hicks – Pick up the gun. I don’t want any trouble mister. I said PICK UP THE GUN. Honestly mister I don’t want any trouble. PICK UP THE GUN. Ok mister 💥💥💥. You all saw him, he had a GUN.

    • @MintV2
      Why did your son enlist doofus? To play World of Warcraft? LMFAO

  12. Usa never fight their own battles they use fools. I would never put my life for America intrest.

  13. “Ultimate Solution”.., hmm, now where have I heard that before???

  14. Cleanout the whitehouse, cleanse these traitorous scumbags from our midst.

  15. Deranged Donnies’ “Third Reich” vocabulary. What a tosser he is.

  16. Pete is so articulate and full of substance in his answers. So refreshing to hear a politician deliver well thought out responses. Feels fresh in a way Ive never heard before in politics.

  17. OMG, the more he talks the more he sounds like the typical politician.

  18. This man has a big future as a leader

  19. Watched the Buttigieg interviews on Meet the Press and Fox this morning. He did a wonderful job! Congratulations Pete!!!

  20. Send this clown back to South Bend, nothing but a puppet for the corporate schills!

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