Pete Williams: DOJ’s Investigation Is ‘What Happens When There’s A Change In Administration' | MSNBC 1

Pete Williams: DOJ’s Investigation Is ‘What Happens When There’s A Change In Administration’ | MSNBC


NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams brings us the latest after Attorney General Merrick Garland announces a Department of Justice probe into Louisville's policing practices.

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Pete Williams: DOJ’s Investigation Is ‘What Happens When There’s A Change In Administration' | MSNBC


    1. Yeah, if they broke the law under color of authority. They must pay just like you and everyone else would have to.

    1. @Willy Bones bullshite! So if cops are held accountable for their actions against citizens they won’t do their job? Cool to know, fire every last one of the lazy SOB then. Problem solved.

    2. @Christopher Hughes That would certainly move things along faster to total Anarchy. More likely perimeters would be set up around certain areas and no movement in or out without searches for illegal weapons and warrants. US military on our streets…Society will not “fire all the police”.

    3. It’s a most that everyone be broadcasting in life anytime walk out of the house . Installing at least 4 cámaras in each automóvil and carry-on cámaras or Smartphones broadcasting to the clouds.
      When the shielded Blue Family knows about it, them they will stop theirs wrongdoings and the use of their Mob Omerta silence code .

  1. Friendly reminder that the history of local police includes “slave patrols” just were used after the Civil War to “arrest” freed slaves as a means to get them back into slavery, often without any actual crimes being committed.
    Those same people are the ones who are the great-grandparents of our “boys in blue” today.

    1. Factual history and civics are not far too many americans strong suits, just the way rethugs like it

    1. Or declaring proud boys, oath keepers, bundy and kkklan as home grown terrorists. Or going after sitting congresscritters who enabled jan 6. We need to get as much done as possible before 2022, when there will be even bigger rethug steal than 2000, and 2016, due to voter suppression, and red states passing bills to allow them to overturn election results they don’t agree with

  2. Historically, the fed government has defended the civil rights that local state districts violate or ignore. This is an important function of the DOJ and NOT something that would happen under anti civil rights administrations like 45*s.

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  3. Crime Bill, Biden is cashing in his political capital on other groups at the expense of the black Americans who put him in office. Open Borders for Latinos; hate crime bill for the Chynese. But no Police reform for the blacks as he promised when he wanted their votes.

    1. How is he “cashing in”?
      Sources on anyone talking about “open borders” other than you idiots?

  4. We need to find some kind of equality between law enforcement and those whom they serve without this constant state of anger and injustice being fed, by those who manipulate everything, to just tear us apart (imo).

    1. Seems as the only solution to dismantle all the state and county and city and local sheriff’s police departments and create single USA national police department under a single rules of Laws as the FBI is constructed.
      It’s the only way to dismantle the whole Infamous Blue Family. After that forbidden the Malevolent Police Union Association for good .
      In what way those police unions have benefits the Taxpayers in the last 200 years ?

    2. @Jesantoni Hevileon, Your idea(s) sound like a great start for some of the problems being needed to address, though we may want to take a real close look across the Northern border at their RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, because they seem to be very close to what You suggest and yet they face some serious issues that may need to be addressed First, if we really want this to work while also dealing with the current issues, and we definitely don’t want to just end up with creating a pile of new issues before even dealing with the ones we already have. What’s that old adage about being fooled into believing that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, lol while smh.

  5. Justice department need a federal review board for all misconduct of the police and a national registration of bad police officers so that they can’t go from force to force.

    1. That’s a serious problem, they lose their jobs up here and they just move on down the road to Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, or Texas. They are just getting closer to their retirement homes. These cop-bodycams need to be public property so the Citizens can see what they are getting for their tax dollars

  6. It would be nice if DOJ was investigating insurrection in Portland instead of investigating each police department

  7. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

  8. According to a MSNBC producer, who resigned in 2020, management found it more profitable to present stories in a way that “stokes national division” and “blocks diversity of thought.” Fox News does the same for socialist MSNBC counter parts.

  9. Chauvin had 18 different excessive force complaints on his record as a cop. Granted, different department, but a cop doesn’t rack up that sort of record and keep his or her job unless they’re being protected by their immediate supervisors. This means the immediate supervisors are also guilty of a crime, aiding and abetting.

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