Pete Williams On Potential Second Capitol Attack: 'Nobody's Going To Breach The Capitol' | MTP Daily 1

Pete Williams On Potential Second Capitol Attack: ‘Nobody’s Going To Breach The Capitol’ | MTP Daily


NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams discusses the DHS and FBI's warning of a potential second Capitol attack on March 4th. Aired on 3/03/2021.
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Pete Williams On Potential Second Capitol Attack: 'Nobody's Going To Breach The Capitol' | MTP Daily


    1. @Ciro are you going to be the one shooting people with your “live rounds” or are you just talking smack on a YouTube comment thread because in reality that’s all you got? Talk.

  1. The World is Sick of hearing about Mini Mitts Bone Spurs High Crimes & Misdemeanors!
    We want to hear news of him & his kids SUFFERING the CONSEQUENCES of their Corrupt Actions

    1. @don juran And? Never mind the last four years of Trump blaiming Democrats for every problem in the USA, or him calling for violence against protesters st his rallies.

    2. They won’t ever suffer any consequences, I’d settle for our so called representatives to stop double talking and just end the non stop enabling of falsehoods. Sadly I deluded myself that the neverending assault on what is true would end with his presidency, nope …stolen, rather than confront it, encourage it to enact voter suppression…we are truly screwed

  2. You need to sort out your security and if anyone even whispers about another attack arrest them including Trump

    1. @Nic Moreno there fading out. Might take some time but there movement will fade and another one will start up as that is how history repeats itself.

    2. @Nic Moreno I know a lot of folks are wondering what might happen tomorrow or at midnight as it be. If something does happen it won’t happen long and just like the 6th they will be rounded up and charged/jailed.
      As far as I’m concerned what happened on the 6th was a act of TREASON against the United States of America.

    3. @Joe Jones I would have put the warning shot in the ceiling the next one in the lead mans leg if they kept coming i keep shooting

    1. That’s what I’ve thought since the get go. Members are covertly helping the insurrection as much as they can

    2. @Lu Guy only the Corporate democrats are that way. The progressives are fighters like AOC

    3. gab michael God isn’t real and that book that you believe has given you enlightenment is nothing more than a fairy tale to comfort humans who have an irrational fear of death.

  3. When are they going to take this seriously? If they attack ANYWHERE, treat it as ISIS attacking.

    1. I wish they would let us citizens have a 5 body count for domestic terrorists, or any terrorists for that matter. Give us 5 we can legally take out and they would all go into hiding. I realize it’s not a practical tactic but damnit I want to off me some WS!!!

    2. @Ace Brockton I’m on board with the snuff out of some, specifically Rudy and Trump’s entire family…and Flynn, Cruz, Hawley.

    3. @Brandy Courvoisier that’s what I don’t understand if they’re actively planning another attack and we have our military station there waiting that means they’re actively planning to attack our military…. that’s premeditation… They should absolutely have lethal Force authorized if they show up

    1. @Christian Edwardsen oh so sad for the babies 🐥 no more wonton chaos in the streets , guess you bought all those AR’s for nothing , oh well you can still use them to compensate the microscopic genetalia

    2. @Jonjacobjinglehiemerscmit Sc So did a lots of socialites bailed them also example Jay Z and Beyonce my point every one want to say Kalma did this how many protest ers Trump bailed out NONE beside civil rights had been violated is why they were in the street they didn’t go to the Capitol with idea to hurt people are we straight You have a good nite

    3. @Jonjacobjinglehiemerscmit Sc I’d assume just about everything you call a fact is imaginary. But that’s what happens when cultist get their information from memes.

  4. racist rich people runs the country they always turning on each other when it comes to business

  5. Can we just arrest trump for this BS. The country never questioned it’s voting,our laws,our leaders and the constitution. If you don’t love this country and respect what it stands for form your own island

  6. Security was surely tight when Trump brought unidentifiable police thugs to the capital from all over the country so he could hold up a Bible!

    1. @Ducky Lou Diva And it was a borrowed Bible from Ivanka a jew who by Judaism has to renounce Christianity. What Hypocrites.

    1. One of their groups actually calls itself ‘ the base ‘ , which is Al Qaeda’s literal meaning

  7. The Constitution actually says, those guilty of treason are to be shot. We are starting to see why.

    1. Only in an act of War. But this is an internal War in dealing with domestic terrorism.

  8. The only way to stop this from growing further is to arrest those at the top doing the inciting. Expresident, senators, congress. As long as they’re allowed to gaslight, the numbers and the treat will grow.

  9. Trump has raised the price of staying at his D.C. hotel, in order to take advantate of this situration! It’s another grift from the Trump crime syndicate!

    1. Does anyone care? Who on Earth would want to stay there? With his name on it? Not likely!!!

    2. @Elizabeth Watt His cult followers that are planning the 2nd Capitol attack in D.C. He’a no doubt planning on many of them staying at his motel. That’s exactly why he raised his prices! I’m hoping that NO ONE shows up!

  10. whatever happens, Trumpists will blame everyone else but themselves and they are the republican party now

    1. Whatever happens, Trumpists will be blamed by everyone else but that is the Democratic party and the news media.

    2. Keep focused on this stuff so you don’t notice that the new administration has screwed us over already on every campaign promise. We are pretty easy to control.

    1. I’m really curious to know how they plan to install Trump as President tomorrow. Grab your popcorn.

  11. If Trump’s domestic terrorists attack again, send in the military and mow them down. Never deal with terrorists.

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