Pfizer Trial Participant Talks About Receiving COVID Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Pfizer Trial Participant Talks About Receiving COVID Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


After receiving the COVID vaccine as part of the Pfizer trial, Bengy tells Peter Alexander he thinks everyone should continue to trust science and recommends everyone get the vaccine when it becomes available. Aired on 12/11/2020.
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Pfizer Trial Participant Talks About Receiving COVID Vaccine | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Mike Cziraky What??? The house has already passed bipartisan stimulus bills since May. Yall making ish up is lame.

    2. ​@Bjay AwesomeBlackDude LOL WTF??? ” to all those whose haven’t been touched pls reach into your pockets and make a needed call to your representative” With “logic” like these no one will mind if you don’t get vaccinated.

    3. 450,000 died in the US because of Covid (excess deaths) 300,000 of them got tested. Watch NBC on total number of Covid deaths in the US:
      By the way: The flu numbers are excess deaths aswell, the number of positive tested flu deaths is much lower: 2010-2020 187,000 positive tested, 369,000 excess deaths (36,900/year in average)
      Covid: 450,000 in nine months (likely over 600,000/year on march 15th)

  1. Thank you sir for you and your family for participating in the trial. Thank you for being open about. You and your family are appreciated.

  2. Thanks for being involved in this study. I was a study volunteer too, but I was rejected for both the Pfizer and the Moderna trials. I’m heartened that good Americans like yourself and your family stepped up and volunteered. You are definitely part of the solution.

    1. Old news run 8 times is not news, that is re-run.

      Everyone already knows that there is a FBI investigation and about what, his taxrs and a diamond he has to find.

    2. @pinebird everyone who doesn’t agree with you idiots is fake news. You are so quick to turn on people.

    3. @Lucifer Morningstar “IDIOTS”? You forgot to specify Democrat or Republican idiots. Which Idiots are you part of? Which fake news channel do you watch, Fox, Msnbc, or CNN?

  3. So much ignorance going around these days, in a supposedly civilized country. I’m glad he did this. I have a relative that decided to take the Vaccine because she said Trump said it’s ok. I’m glad she’s gonna take it, but sorry she listens to Trump. She makes it sound like he had on a white lab coat creating the vaccine at the White House!!

    1. its an rna vaccine…so in a year or two the substance will have left the body for about A YEAR OR TWO??so what are you talking about? about showing that you obviously have no idea what youre talking about. And running scared because as ALL OF YOU people. Youre scared of what you dont know but to stupid to learn about it.

    2. @fa elger It’s a protein creator that has long term effects, some of which (reported by non-establishment scientists around the globe) are HIV, links to sterilization, and cytokinetic storms. This news is heavily censored for obvious reasons, but it’s out there

    3. Amanda Atchley good heavens. The biggest challenge with the mRNA vaccines is that the mRNA falls apart and is cleared out by your immune system—they had to hide it in a fatty lipid coating to hide it long enough to get it into the manufacturing area of your cell to make the correct proteins. Within a few hours it’s done. It doesn’t get into the DNA in the nucleus of your cells. Your cells use messenger ribonucleic acid every day to carry out the tasks of life and it doesn’t do anything bad to you.

  4. Brave and responsible family deserving credit for their contribution to saving the lives of their fellow men.

  5. IM not an anti vaccine person ok but the long term known results are why it takes so long for vaccines to be approved in national testing is why years of results are required for a position that it’s safe. IM not saying its not safe but there’s no long term results or data to back up the push.

    1. once they have concluded a certain part of the trial. Everyone in the study gets informed about whether they got the actual vaccine or the placebo. So he would have been told what he actually received in the trial.

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