Pflugerville Mayor: 'Texans Would Have Never Planned To Forecast This In Their Life' | Craig Melvin 1

Pflugerville Mayor: ‘Texans Would Have Never Planned To Forecast This In Their Life’ | Craig Melvin


Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales joins NBC’s Geoff Bennett to discuss the steps his city is taking to battle the winter storm. Aired on 2/18/2021.
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Pflugerville Mayor: 'Texans Would Have Never Planned To Forecast This In Their Life' | Craig Melvin


    1. Republicans never learn. I mean Trump lost them the House, Senate, and White House, and they still think Trump is the way forward. It’s unbelievable…

  1. A mayor in Texas actually told his town to stop complaining and deal with it themselves. Why do idiots feel the need to ruin themselves on twitter when they never had to send any tweet at all?

    1. That mayor was right. Stop whining because you did to yourself but by electing MORONS for Governor, state representatives and Republican Senators like Ted Cruz who is enjoying vacation in Mexico. Trump says Mexican are dangerous but they enjoy their vacation in Mexico instead of Hawaii, a state of America. See how stupid the Texans are!

    2. Some people just have to be who they are.
      It follows that some idiots just have to be idiots. They can’t help it.

    1. They already started to blame it on windmills. And Texans will again vote for Republicans until death do them part.

  2. Gov Abbott: “This is all because of windmills!”
    Former Gov Perry: “Texans would rather go without power, water, and food than be a slave to the federal government!”
    Ted Cruz: “I’ll have another margarita, por favor.”

    1. @Jimmy Spencer yeah this is once in a lifetime storm for Texas yet California have power outages all the time . You really want to make this political ?

    2. @N W Where is the comparison? What was the scale of any one California power outage? Were any of them life and death situations that affected millions of people for days like this Texas fiasco?

  3. Almost , like,, you know, the CLimate is , ya know, Changing, or somethin’ like
    Why did no one warn us of this?

    1. Yes earth’s core is heating up & gamma rays & charged particles are blasting us! Go figure oh yes don’t forget every planet in our system is heating up I guess we did that also!!!!!

    2. @N W Super storm Sandy???? Liberalism is a mental illness!!!! California wildfires? Snow in Saudi Arabia……your joking right????

  4. We’ve only been talking about climate change for fifty or more years. More, I’m sure. Nobody wanted to listen and Texas in particular doesn’t want to give up anything to deal with it. You wanted to rule your own roost. You didn’t want to help hurricane victims in other states. Don’t whine now. Send some trucks and bring in supplies.

    1. wait a minute partner from what i understand that’d be up north, and sir i ain’t never gonna be no yankee, no sir!!

    2. Wind turbines are doing just fine in Illinois, Texas wanted to go cheap and not weatherize their infrastructure.

  5. On Thursday, NASA’s Perseverance rover has successfully landed at the Jezero Crater on Mars at 20:55 GMT, after 7 minutes of terror.

  6. Maybe if the NFL and the NCAA start football season this week Texans will forget all about the current problems?

  7. What’s wrong with Texans, they keep voting trashy republicans like abbot, Cruz, Perry. Educate yourselves Texans.

  8. Anti- science, anti-fact, anti-regulation, anti- infrastructure investment = 3 rd world country ( apology to the 3rd world country). Houston, Texas has a problem.

  9. When you elect people that think that Government is good for nothing, unsurprisingly, you get a government that is good for nothing.

  10. How Gullible can people be to believe in these people… I do hope they remember this nightmare on the next voting day in their districts…

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