Phoenix Mayor: Not Given Opportunity To Put In ‘Safety Precautions’ By Governor | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Kay Clark also glad to out you for going on Bernie’s Russian honeymoon and drinking vodka shots with him bare chested whilst singing. How long did the Russians keep their eyes closed while you were topless?

    2. @Douglas Perry Got in trouble, RUSSBOT? LOOKING like the BETTER BOTS are all out sick in Moscow. Stay safe, numbnuts.

    3. Douglas Perry Cause those that do read are flooding the comments and getting their advertisers to bail on them.

    4. @Nolan Nolan yeah, I remember when advertisers threatened Disney with Boycotts after Joan Bored insulted Pence and how quickly Disney caved.

    5. @Nolan Nolan yeah, we saw how effective it is after advertisers threatened boycotting Disney over pence

    1. @New Blue 2 Start a recall petition that’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California.

  1. Interesting how the states with surges now are run by Republican Governors who followed Trump’s race to open.

    1. @David Baker Either way, the GOP is finished for at least a generation.
      Until the next crop of hillbilly’s are old enough to vote.

    2. Sad but true. Honestly saw it coming. Going to continue to get worse. Our inept leader leading us to the slaughter. Millions of ways to die in the 21st century…..take care and be well everyone

    3. @Ricky Spanish why? by definition, the homeless are mostly outside so the likelihood of their catching the virus by being in an enclosed space with others is lower.

  2. “…AZ amongst the States that were last to close and first to open…” This speaks volumes about the State leadership in AZ on how they value and care for their citizens. The AZ governor is making it difficult for his Mayors to protect their citizens.

    1. @PorkyPricklyPants You’ll need to do better than that. Do some research and get some facts and figures. Yes, it’s work and it will take you a while but once you’ve made your case, you’ve made your case. Otherwise it sounds like typical party propaganda. Lock at the poverty in Eastern Kentucky and Eastern Tennessee, both Republican for many years. 97 of the 100 poorest counties are in Red states.
      Do some research or else sound just party biased.

    2. I’m pretty sure the Grim Reaper is on vacation and Trump hurriedly volunteered to take his place

    1. I’m also a physician and I take Zinc with either Quinine or Quercetin. Both allow zinc to penetrate the cell effectively blocking a large amount of the viral load

    2. @Michael Smith Looks like Tucker Carlson is STRONG because advertisers are pulling out! STRONG! Yeah… more money strong! MAGAism!

    3. @RG The new Branch Davidians are the ones out of kleenex, They just don’t know it yet. Useful idiots for the coming technocracy saviors. Party on Wayne!

  3. This is the result of only having populist rhetoric and slogans, they prove ineffective in a crisis.

  4. When I see a crowd of people, anywhere, not social distancing, not wearing masks, congregating like this is pre-coronavirus, I turn away. I have self-preservation instincts that kick in. Shouldn’t everyone?

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