Pierre Poilievre has tense exchange with Craig and Marc Kielburger | WE Charity scandal

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre had a tense exchange with Craig and Marc Kielburger over the WE Charity scandal.


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    1. @Wojciech I think if they get unjustly interrupted, they should get double their time back. And the conversation/ arguement/ disagreement on time DOESN’T go against their time. There must be some deterrent, or they will keep interrupting, likely in an attempt to throw Pierre off course.

    2. @erepsekahs i certainly hope so and it’s not just another activity they are going to squirm, ignore, and get out of being held accountable for.

    3. @ST Havoc They are very successful, mostly due, it seems, to having similarly minded friends in high places.

  1. Wow pay out $400,000 and get back $900,000,000+ that is one heck of an ROI, corruption really pays

    1. @Thomas Conway …..if rent isnt paying for I need to call all my landlords back and get refunds. Beyond that, it is rent for buildings they literally own. So really it’s paying their mortgage, and not their rent.

    2. @G S No, you simply need a better understanding of the difference between rent and paying for a building. I have property that is paid for and yet rent is paid to me for its use. That is what rent means. Rent: “a tenant’s regular payment to a landlord for the use of property or land.” How it has been or will ultimately be paid for is a different matter. Canada is not “paying for” their buildings, period. Moreover, the buildings are owned by a nonprofit and not by the brothers. There is nothing illegal about a nonprofit owning property.

    3. @Thomas Conway You rented it to someone else, and not yourself. My understanding is fine. You’re the missing or omitting obvious facts. I’ve never claimed it was illegal for a nonprofit to own property. Think you’ll find those buildings are owned by shell companies…..but that might be getting a bit too complex for your level of understanding it would seem. Ditto the difference between legal and ethical/moral.

  2. disgusting how they tried to cut him off, knowing he had one minute, then she has that creepy giggle, pathetic, made me sick.

    1. @Corey Aldrich the reason you don’t see her fault even though she was wrong and not doing her job properly is unfortunately a trend among this countries complicant citizens

    2. To witness the moment when “resistance to the Borg is futile” is when leadership sir come to their pathological immoralities. The involuntary outbursts are symptoms of pathology desperately seeking release from the initial confinements that naively enable the creation of humanity’s destruction.

  3. I am beginning to actually have hate in my heart for the liberal party and the dealings they allow.

  4. Poilievre made fools of Larry curly and moe. Pierre for PM!, This guy takes named and keeps score

    1. Pierre would be a huge mistake for Canada.

      unless you like raising taxes AND privatization of public utilities and health care. Conservatives like playing the role of Dudley Do Right but are the most corrupt of the Political bunch.

  5. Don’t you think time shouldn’t matter with this. Canadian’s should need to know all about the We charity scandal.

    1. The reason Trudeau put this in place is so liberals can beat around the bush untill the “time” runs out
      Every parliament hearing the do the same song and dance.

      Why would the government put a timer on parliamentary hearings
      To get away with criminal activity 🥺

    2. Hell, the RCMP investigation into Trudeau and SNC was shut down AFTER the Liberals obstructed it, because there was an election. A committee is nothing compared to THAT corrupt use of power!

    3. @derek Hills It’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of a Liberal member distracting, annoying, and holding up a Conservative member. Then they take up further time by explaining their, “error”, and taking up more daily Parliamentry time. Even though Pierre will eventually get his full time and questions in, the full time in the day will be further eroded each time they do this resulting in even fewer questions that the Liberals will be able to avoid.

    4. Disgusting games being played by the Bros and libs.
      Some get annoyed with Pierre for his abrasive directness but it is obviously needed when dealing with these types.
      I’m glad he does what he does. Bravo Pierre!

    5. I do agree… but this isnt a court of law .. it is a pony show i doubt anyrhing will be made of this …. but it depends on their crimes…. some crimes have no time restraints. Hut if they were just a regular citizen commiting these crimes. We’d be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law…property seized and who knows what else…. an idea for their toronto properties we paid for.. move torontos homeless into those buildings

    1. The money itself isnt the issue which is legal. Its the major conflict of interest for Trudeau which smells of corruption.

    2. What do they expect? Of course the prime minister and his family will have a bunch of stuff paid for. What’s the big deal?

  6. These guys have millions in Toronto real estate, they are not a charity… Justins friends and fellow weasels….

    1. It does not take long for their greed and desire to steal from the poorest on the planet to overpower their desire to help the poorest on the planet

  7. “Your time is up,” translation; “Ok Pierre, your getting too close to the truth. We have to shut you up now.”

    1. @Alan d’Eon well, if they had already given the numbers multiple times, then why were they scrambling to find the correct ones? You would think it’s something they should keep on hand no?

    2. @Susanne omfg the clerk is a liberal mediator, she has a direct vested interest in shutting down any questions that make these two look bad. How biased can yo get?

      And rather then just STFU, she went on to eat up more of his time in her explanation , knowing full well that it would work against him.

    3. @Nikita Danylyshyn You think they have every answer and every calculation written down? It was a oral conversation. One usually doesn’t have every detail of something like this memorized or laid out front and center to the point where they can give an instant answer. They must be given a moment to find and verify the info before responding. You know this so why ask the question… Oh wait…. you don’t know this because you are defending Pierre’s tactics.

    4. @Alan d’Eon uh yeah, because the questions are given beforehand.

      Jesus anything you ideologues will do to justify embezzlement, nepotism, and corruption in our government. As long as they virtue signal enough ya?

    1. She had a greasy grin when he got back one minute after her taking 1 1/2 he still lost time and had her interference.

    1. Their Trudeau’s little friends who are rich beyond belief from running a charity. proving how much goes to them and how much goes to the charity and that’s not much.

    2. Unfortunately there was enough ppl who vote for High School like PM, for his pretty and nostalgic last name.

  8. i’ve watched a few of these now with Poilievre questioning. They do this to him every time. Brutal. Wish more Canadians were aware

  9. It is so obvious they are not being transparent and are in a defensive posture. That means they know their actions were less than admirable!

    1. Vice Chair is a real piece of work to eh. To think 🤔 she is adding to Canadian debt. Waste of future taxpayer dollars 🙄

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