Pierre Poilievre says Justin Trudeau “created” the emergency in Ottawa

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said the 'Freedom Convoy' protest in Ottawa was an "emergency that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created" by attacking Canadians and driving up the cost of living.

He later went on to say that Trudeau poured "gasoline on the fire" after the Public Order Emergency Commission's report found that his comments emboldened some protesters.

The report said Trudeau met the threshold for invoking the Emergencies Act to end the convoy protests and blockades.

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    1. @Mark C THANK YOU!

      But Americans also call each other by our party names. North America is all trash. The New World was a mistake.

    2. @Jimill Whaaaat? Americans butting into other people’s business and running their fat mouths? No! Never! That’s totally unheard of!

  1. to the best of my knowledge the cost of living crisis we’re in now came well after all the money was spent
    this was in relation to the ongoing VAXXXECUTED mandates

    1. It’s tied to rising inflation around the entire world due to the recent wars and other major incidents causing havoc on supplies.

    2. While spending did increase our inflation , the alternative was made bankruptcy during the pandemic. Now, if you look at the inflation numbers, Canada is had one of the lowest inflation numbers. Yes, it sucks, but PP will probably make it worse. He share the same belief as Liz truss in the UK and she killed their economy in a week.

  2. I’m sorry that the Premier did so little about the protest in Ottawa. We could have avoided this whole hullabaloo if Ford had just done his job from the start.

    1. Say that to the woman Trampled by Trudeau’s RCMP. Using police to crack down on a peaceful protest is what Trudeau the wannabe dictator does.

    1. ​@Jumbo Me Dildeau got coward 19 and hid in his house. Calling truckers Karens is cute considering you get upset over urinals in the men’s washroom

    2. @Deft One The Kanadian Karen Konvoy is an apt term, they freely travelled the nation to complain to it’s manager in a tone-def tantrum.

  3. really? made it impossible to pay their bills? with all the generous CERB and modified access EI payments? cut the crap! PP opportunist

    1. Yeah, the CERB which only existed because of the government’s atrocious handling of the p@ndemic. Oh how generous Trudeau! What a great guy!

  4. Well Mr pollievrre if and that’s a big IF, you ever become PM, I hope you remember this and allow everything to be blamed on you. (Even the actions of others)

    1. Like when you hide from protests against your government then revoke charter rights of all Canadians

  5. Did you know a working couple can actually lower their tax bracket by donating $3600 to the Conservatives.

    Better than giving it to Trudeau in April.

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