Pierre Poilievre: Trudeau, NDP have given Canada ‘crime chaos’

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre blamed the Trudeau government's bail reformed for causing 'crime chaos' in Canada

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    1. ​@Wargutz 40k we used to have a boss at work that was inept, abrasive, blamed the employees for his own poor judgement. No one respected him or anything he had to say.

    2. @Colin Johnston That would help eliminate the antivaxxer’s and conspiracy nutters if you had some competence test, not so much the military though.

  1. It’s wild that you can attack someone and be outta jail before they are outta the hospital. And then do it again, again and again and still be out before your victim is outta recovery.

    1. Ok. Let’s fix it. Make phone calls and letters. Let them know you’re not happy. Then vote…

  2. I moved out of Edmonton and moved to a small town last year because of the crimes happening in the city. So bad and the news don’t even show most of it. It’s gross how had the city is. But I guess it’s just a normal liberal city now.

    1. Ironically, a 10 minute drive from Edmonton to St. Albert will bring you to the city with the lowest crime in the province

    2. @riddham shah lol just stay in public areas and you’ll be ok. Don’t stay downtown after 11pm. It’s tragic that the liberal party prioritizes the mental health of criminals over the physical health of innocent civilians but don’t let that stop you from having your vacation. The danger to any random citizen is still extremely small.

  3. Audit all politicians and families. Who has unexplainable income? The results will likely amaze taxpayers.

    1. Who was denied bail? If you refuse to sign that you will follow the terms of your release that’s not being denied bail.

    2. @Jim Davison Tamara Lich was held for almost two months. Furthermore, she has some of the most restrictive conditions I’ve ever seen. I think they’re infringing on her right to speech and expression but I’m sure that’s by design. If they did it to her, they can do it to you.

    3. @lots ofwind The more Sask starts acting like Alberta the more life there looks like it. Crime infestation and all.

  4. Its a shame that political dissidents don’t enjoy the luxury of same day release that violent criminals do.

    1. Why take them out of their home province? Why not take them to the Alberta’s home residence since it’s clear it’s a cesspool of crime. How about they clean up that mess?

    2. @worst knightmayor Calgary….no need to say more. well maybe Edmonton. Alberta is a disaster. Sask is getting worse because they are emulating the disaster next door.

    1. You always have that right. You DON”T have the right to be a psycho about it. Put in an alarm system for petes sake.

    2. @Mike Archibald You think the alarm system in your house would have stopped the stabbings on the streets?

  5. 17 year old kid yesterday night was stabbed for no reason. Was coming home from his friend’s place on a bus, kid texted his mom there are guys threatening him on the bus and that he’s scared and that was his last text to his mother 🙁

  6. Thanks Trudeau and Singh. You are personally responsible for these lost lives and the horrific state of our country

    1. How are they responsible what life in Alberta and what the Alberta provincial court system does? Lets hear a logical answer to that? Everyone of those cases was in Alberta who refuses to offer the same level of social programs as other provinces do. Lack of social programs means higher crime rates, not rocket science.

    2. @Paul Martin Trudeau’s catch and release bail reform has impacted all provinces. The province’s ministers wrote a letter to Trudeau in January asking for bail reform. Nothing has happened.

    3. How is that exactly because you do not like them they are responsible for what not being able to see in to the future ?

  7. Catch and release is what fisherman do. The justice system should be gathering all the sharks into a secure holding tank.

  8. If someone is telling you something, anything, outside of children’s toys is simple, they’re trying to sell you something you don’t need.

  9. I’m so glad he keeps mentioning the NDP. Because that’s what would we would get if we vote Rachel Notley in. We would turn into British Columbia legalized cocaine defund the police, and tent cities everywhere

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