Pipeline protesters need to "check their privilege," Conservative leader says 1

Pipeline protesters need to “check their privilege,” Conservative leader says


Speaking to reporters in Ottawa on Friday, Scheer expressed frustration with the ongoing demonstrations against construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which have caused blockades across the country at government legislatures and major rail crossings.

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    1. The left will eat itself way before any fighting starts.
      The right would have one leader and many fighters while the left would all want to be leaders to force someone else to fight.

  1. A non-confidence vote to force an election can’t come soon enough for me. I only hope Ontario voters are a lot smarter next time.

    1. @G Tor she was in bed with the unions, she was anti oil…suprised she and some of her cabinet are not toting signs…not to mention the mess she made of vehical insurance…there is more

    2. @G Tor Notley destroyed Alberta by spending and carbon taxing on high oil prices after they dropped 75%.
      She ignored the experts saying they needed to buy an oil company so Alberta had a foot in the game. Then she went in with Trudeau buying the pipeline that won’t get oil to market. That purchase with Trudeau, then put Alberta against BC, Ontario and Quebec whom wanted the carbon scheme. All 3 provinces fought Notley on everything. That destroyed Alberta.

    3. @Rebecca P How was she anti-oil? Was it fighting for a pipeline? Limiting production to protect long term viability of the market? Also, of course she was pro-union she is a socialist. Have you ever been part of a union? They aren’t a scary, evil enterprise, they protect worker’s rights. Some can be bad, but most are excellent.

  2. They don’t have the right to shutdown Canada, imagine Canadians not being to buy groceries or get gas for there cars because a lot of this stuff comes from CN Rail freight systems. They stop the rail , they stop Canada this is a act of war.

    1. He trained them and then prepaid them with our tax money and then he took off to avoid the fallout. What a criminal

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