Planned Parenthood President: ‘For Texas, Roe Is Effectively Overturned’

NBC's Julia Ainsley reports on the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision to leave Texas' controversial abortion law in place. Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO and President, Alexis McGill Johnson, and Former U.S. Attorney, Barbara McQuade, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what the move means for the future of Roe v. Wade and abortion legislation in other states. "I think this is absolutely the blueprint for how you get around Roe v. Wade," McQuade says.

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    1. @Jim Hibbits when I was a kid men boys were boys and girls were girls
      .it wasn’t a guessing game.
      That was before the circus came to town.

    2. “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abominat*on unto THE LORD THY GOD.”
      DEUTERONOMY 22:5.
      GOD says transvestitism/transgenderism are wro*g

    3. @Jim Norton It bothers me alot that they just cant own their sht. Both parties engage in obscene amounts of revisionist history and it’s half the reason why their is such a high level of distrust in the entire system.

    1. @ski e do you not know what’s going on? It’s all over the news. Of course you only listen to the ones that lie

    2. @John B projecting? honey, idk wtf you are talking about but you should prob lay off the meth for a while. bye 😛

    3. @Cody how about Dr Robert Malone PhD? Worked on vaccines since 80s (were you even alive ?), inventor of mRNA technology. He happens to oppose use of this vaccine to work our way from pandemia.
      Yep, I do believe in science. Real science, not a propaganda.

    4. @Cody very soon you might not even have a caretaker if you land up in a hospital. Tons of nurses will walk out. Do you really think those who will stay be able to handle everything? Read any nursing forum, you’ll get an eye opener.

  1. Roe v. Wade wasn’t a Constitutional Amendment. The 10th Amendment is extremely clear that without a constitutional amendment it’s up to the states or the people.

    1. Wait until you see what happens during the 2022 midterms, when 2/3 of the women voters in America vote against the Republicans.

  2. They do the same with the second amendment and those judges say nothing about those laws being unconstitutional.

    1. I want guns and abortion to stay legal. I SHOULD be able to own a fully loaded F-15 and have a M-61 Vulcan in my front yard without asking the government for permission.
      Give me all the rights.

  3. Why is it the norm to correlate being poor with black and brown people? I’m disheartened every time I hear that comment, believe it or not, not all people of color are poor . Take a look on your local interstate off ramp, poverty does not discriminate and is not picky, it effects all races and skin colors equally.

    1. @Angus Elliott No the vaccinated should stay home you people are a danger with you experimental vaccine vaxxes oozing covid to everyone

  4. these are the same guys that preach fo you to get the vaccine
    my body my choice. wait it doesnt apply to us when it goes against your favor.

    1. 😀It’s a great day for helpless babies 👶 in Texas as the supreme court ruled in favor of a Texas heartbeat law. If the doctor can hear a babies ❤️heartbeat, then baby killing abortion cannot be performed.

    2. @Ungar Linski 😀It’s a great day for helpless babies 👶 in Texas as the supreme court ruled in favor of a Texas heartbeat law. If the doctor can hear a babies ❤️heartbeat, then baby killing abortion cannot be performed.

    3. @David R. Stone It’s a bad day for sexual assult victims of all ages especially the ones able to become pregnant.

  5. Texas is the first of many states. In 10 years abortions will be a thing of past in the majority of the country.

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