PM Andrew Holness Visits Family of Khanice Jackson | TVJ News


  1. Mr PM I hope you going to visit everybody family who them family members is missing don’t start what you can’t finish probably when the truth comes out you an public may get a shock of you life

    1. There’s is no way a PM can visit every grieving family. Communities friends,families , & MPs r to get involved. Speak up, & condemn violence. Pointing fingers at who should dis & dat not going to work.

    1. @Dreadlocks Empress V no he never, I was surprised bcoz all the hell breaking around people he in many cases never even say a word.

    2. No because we have selective outcry, I wondered the same thing but when I says khanice complexion had to something to do with the outrage of Jamaica, if she was of darker complexion, they would have ignored her case just like every woman and child gone missing

  2. My PM only focusing on COVID and vaccines, it seems as if crime is not important even though COVID has a 99.5 percentage recovery

  3. Many jamns ppl condone wrongdoing & cover for criminals, Instead they blame govt. jamns need to speak up against crime & Criminals directly.

    1. Yes thats the reality but we dont always have to do it face to face. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, WE REALLY NEED A CHANGE AND WE NEED IT NOW

    2. Seems as if your a rich person that can afford a lot a stuff and can get help stop thank about your self first put your self in does person shoes

    3. @Gaza nation White Sweetheart whether we are rich or poor, crime and violence affects us all. Some of us might have limited resources but we cant just roll over and die. Many rich people were once poor and many poor people will become rich.

    1. Ja will get better, when it’s ppl stop being bad minded, grugful, & Envious. Every criminals should be held accountable for their crimes including Rapists, murders, Scammers who Scammed foreigners for billions of $ & sit on their asses in ja & do nothing, & yes politicians should be held accountable for crimes they committed

  4. I feel hanging should resume for it’s not fair for a person to take one life then do couple years an walk free after

    1. if i provoked you to the highest degree, you might kill me without even realizing what you had done.
      please stop pretending as if you are perfect.

  5. Plz accept my sincere condolences to you and your family ,I feel yr pain mother .cry if you may , because crying smooth the ❤️❤️❤️

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