PM ‘deeply disappointed’ over Bennett’s text to Wilson-Raybould

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to Minister Carolyn Bennett's text message to former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould.

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  1. This is coming from the guy that fired former Minister Wilson-Raybould because she wouldn’t comply with politically motivated unethical requests to interfere with the SNC prosecution. Hypocrites of the worst kind.

    1. Trudeau handled it badly. But it was a perfectly legal to request what he did. And it was rules brought forward by Harper.

  2. Hypocrisy is dead and buried with these Liberals!!!But as long as Eastern Canada vote them they will be in power for a long time,and Canada may not survive that long!!!!

    1. @Rizzo Roy so you’d stay in a relationship if you kept getting apologized to after your partner did this.

      The guy is a chronic liar who says sorry for everything. Seems to me you’re desperate for big government hugs and kisses

    2. @Rizzo Roy look at you being the drama queen with what you wrote. So typical. Carry on with the acceptance of corruption, arrogance, and hypocritical behaviour which you clearly condone.

  3. PM Blackface laughed at an indigenous women who was demanding answers about her communities poisonous water. He proceeded to mock her.

    1. Thats the liberals for you. Closet racists/bigots hiding behind virtue signalling. Lots of empty platitudes, not much action unless it directly benefits themselves.

  4. how much longer is he going to need to actually do something to end the drinking water advisories?!?

    1. The corruption and scandles on his hands, he basically can’t do anything because that would set a standard that he can’t ever meet.

  5. deeply disappointing of all of them indeed. how best to describe with clarity and precision.

  6. “And because of what I did to try and screw over Jody Wilson-Raybould, I’m going to keep Carolyn Bennett on as Crown-Indigenous Minister. You see, if I punish her, I’ll have to punish myself.”

    1. He will implement the American style mail-in voting on account of Covid. We know how well that works! lol

  7. He is talking about doing the right thing, as if Castro’s kid is even remotely familiar with the right thing!

  8. I agree with him about one thing. We all need to stay focused on what matters, aka getting him out of office.

  9. What a hypocrite~! again, pretty much all politicians are. The worst part is he likes to ride on his moral high horse judging others while doing unspeakable things on the other hand.

  10. So he runs her out of the party because she wouldnt participate in his corruption, than defends her?

    1. Don’t spit , you might hit a child & we don’t want to insult the children, even they still have integrity and honesty

  11. Yeah… It’s all about him now, huh? Optics and spotlights and such, right? There was no reason for him to point this out again… I think the minister got the message without the scripted theatrics from our drama coach. I feel used by this Gov, more and more everyday.

  12. Watching him give his non answers make my blood boil. I feel ashamed that I voted for Trudeau to get Harper out. This is my fault.

  13. How many times have we heard the leader of the Liberal gang apologizing for his or one of his minions misdeeds .

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