PM Holness Begs Jamaicans to get Vaccinated | TVJ News – July 31 2021

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  1. Pm Tell the illuminate them fi tek all the vaccine wah them mek and leave jah jah children out a enuh unclean spirit

  2. U start beg now so you did Fi a talk to the people instead of bullying them The more you force people The more they gonna rebel another thing we Would like you to Tell people The truth and stop telling lies then we can start believe what you say

  3. There is no going back to normal, and it seems that andrew holness is only one who doesn’t kno this, world leaders have said so. He is pleading to jamaicans to take the inoculation now because he knows what he will have to do next to please the powers that be. Just wait untill they start to blame the delta variant this fall season, then jamaicans will feel the wrath of the heavy handed government.

  4. All the PM care about is covid what about crime mi noh hear him a plead like this on the crime destruction.

  5. Andrew holness begging people to get vaccine but it’s only some area get vaccine centre what about st Ann area Ocho Rios st Ann bay area people in these areas are waiting for vaccine centre

  6. Even before covid the hospitals never have beds anyway and more Jamaicans died by gun and your not doing enough to put a end to gun crime

    1. Every leader is using the false narrative that hospitals will get overwhelm because of covid. So come Jamaica hospitals not overwhelmed with the number of stabbings choppings and gunshot victims on a daily basis 🙄😑 dem tek people fi fool

  7. The website to register is not even working. Where isn St Thomas should people go to get vaccinated? Just go on the road and a needle will appear to stick them?

  8. What’s wrong with Andrew Holness! Has he lost his head!! Does it not evident that the vaccine that the USA dumped on him is rejected in the states and the UK? This man has lost his mind

  9. Did this man say school will be opening September??? Every country had to close back their schools and you want to open it during a spike??? Madness

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