1. Couldnt have said it better myself. He reminds me of a toddler having a temper tantrum because adults have come into the room to take his toys away.

  1. I feel like commenting on someone’s irresponsible politics should come from someone who actually practices RESPONSIBLE politics. This guy wouldn’t know responsible if it slapped him in the face.

    1. @donofon101 I want to be free to chose where to invest my money, even if that means to lose sometimes in the process. I don’t want to keep my money in a bank with a poor interest rate, and facing the risk to have my account frozen by the Supreme Leader!

    2. @donofon101 2 of my best friends retired before 30 years of age from Crypto investments dude. Its called a stop/loss learn how to use it. Also you can make just as much money in a down trend as you can in an uptrend if you spend like 10 hours educating yourself. Its not rocket science.

  2. What does he care? He said, and I quote, “I don’t think about monetary policy”. Now he’s concerned about somebody that does? Starting to sweat a little there JT?

    1. Because he is very insecure. That is why he seeks power, control and has to put Pierre down thinking he then would look better. It is called ” insanity” and he lives it very proficiently. Scarry😵

  3. I’m a former liberal voter and I’m voting for Pierre Poilievre. Sick and tired of being lied to and embarrassed by Trudeau

    1. I agree. Poilievre is our only hope. If Trudeau wins another term, I’m afraid that Canada filing for bankruptcy will be the least of our worries.

    1. @ryan radcliffe seriously, do you know how much more we could do? How we could help Germany? We export to the USA and at a discount, since they’re our only trading partner due to pipeline policy

  4. “Buzzwords, dog whistles, and careless attacks”

    Imagine being the prime minister and using reddit centric words like dog whistle and buzzwords lmao.

    Hes done the exact same thing.

    1. so. would you follow the advice of PP and put your savings in Crypto Currency.. or would you find that a bit irresponsible of yourself.

    2. @donofon101 actually it’s the time to buy, plus he is only suggesting and not forcing anyone to buy any. You still need to do your research and know how it all works

    3. @Nuna Yo Bizniz “it is a time to buy.”. but after it was time to sell.. You cant advocate that when you are talking about peoples savings. Go Gamble. Fine. But not with the economy at stake.

  5. Can the real men and women of the Liberal & NDP Party stand up and walk across the room to call an election. Canada needs a new leader and your service is greatly needed.

    1. You couldn’t be more right. Where is the respect for the pledge they took in the role they hold? Do the courageous thing and stop with the party politics. It’s time for ethics!

    1. having my back by making sure the middle class, and the middle class alone, solves trudeau’s self-induced inflation problem.

  6. When Justin Trudeau says something is irresponsible leadership, I believe him. After all Justin Trudeau is the expert on the matter

    1. @donofon101 you getting your kick backs from WE charity? Maybe SNC lavalin? Maybe you like little girls at Point Grey school? I think your a Point Grey type

    2. @Sessions98 I think you have paranoid tendencies. I don’t have to be paid or bribed to reject the use of crypto currencies. Are you compensated for your posts? My association with the Liberal Party lasted one summer over 50 years ago … and I have never voted for a Liberal candidate. So you radar is broken..

    3. @donofon101 PP will address real issues regarding the economy and out of control spending/inflation. Unfortunately blackface, Arabian Nights, trust fund baby JT has shown he isn’t up for the task.

    4. @donofon101 That’s what you have? do liberals get together and go “ok folks…we need something…..oh I know.. Cyrpto….yeah lets go with that!”

  7. Poor baby JT, he’s feeling scared from opposition. I’m sure he’s doing everything in our tax payers pockets to stop it.

  8. Since when does Canada’s prime minister know anything about responsible leadership? He never had it in the beginning and doesn’t have it now.

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