PM Justin Trudeau’s family trip to Jamaica under scrutiny

Bloc Quebecois Leader Blanchet on the high cost of Trudeau's trip to Jamaica and the message it sends to Canadians.
#cdnpoli #JustinTrudeau

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  1. Jagmeet needs to get the attention he so rightfully deserves for his complicity in allowing our country to be destroyed!

    1. Jagmeet should show as much loyalty and respect to Canada as he shows to the Khalistan Separation Movement.


    1. @stan fink what did I say that would be considered trolling? Saying everyone who works in government is paid by tax payers?

  2. Every politician should be under constant scrutiny, no matter which party.
    There should be a high standard for everyone in a powerful position.

    1. Trudeau is the ONLY PM in Canadian history to be found guilty of not one, but two ethics violations. Let that sink in.

    1. @erg0centric were is this grocery rebate? I talked to taxation and they have no clue what I was even talking about

    2. He is the equivalent of Marie Antoinette, ‘let them eat cake’, she said. ‘Rules for thee but not for me’ is his motto.

    1. @ryan radcliffe means nothing if you compare it to what our debt was, and what other nation’s debts are. your statement is meaningless.

    2. @Edward Harley wow who would’ve thought during a once in a century pandemic we would’ve needed to spend an insane amount of money but it seems like you guys keep forgetting that but pls tell me what the conservatives would’ve done?

  3. Any public servant that takes advantage of the taxpayer’s money should be fired,this includes the PM. Has trudeau paid for the $6000 a night hotel room in London yet?

    1. @darren moran Actually they are not. In it for themselves. Please do look up vote counts for all Bills put forth in the HOC. They are far from assisting the Conservatives. I think of one or two where they sided with the Cons.

    1. Of course, imagine if another ethic violation was to be added to the already existing list of offences?

    1. Yes they do. Unless you stay home the entire time Taxpayers pay for the roads and the airports and the border agency and the passport office.

    2. We didn’t ‘pay for his vacation’. We paid for security detail and the cost of one commercial flight. So he paid for his family, got a totally normal allowance for flight expenses, and the RCMP expenses weren’t optional. It wouldn’t have mattered where he went on vacation that cost would have come with it. Next prime minister will have the exact same story written about them when they go on vacation.

      …y’all realize we pay for his house too right? Like, that’s what comes with the prestige.

    3. @Adam Frank Lol, nope that is not what is happening! We are paying for his vacations in full as taxpayers.

  4. *At the end of the day Trudeau is a government employee, like ALL government employees they are accountable to Canadian citizens. How much is Trudeau’s personal net worth and pays for family vacations on the tax payer’s dime….what the actual F?!*

    1. Everyone deserves a vacation and I don’t recall other PM’s being given such a hard time about it , but maybe it’s Trudeau’s flare for the extravagant coupled with a general disdain for Canadians that really gets under their skin.

    2. @Shannon yes everyone deserves a vacation. Does you neighbor or your boss pay for you when you go on vacation?
      Keeping up with this story you might learn that this is another of Trudeau’s buddies that gives money to the Trudeau foundation

    3. @Lar S yes I did see something about that, I don’t know what it is with Trudeau and charities, but it’s sketchy af. I’m not defending him, I just see this a minor symptom of an even greater disease of widespread liberal corruption.

  5. Individual MP’s from the Liberal Party need to step away from their “leader” and vote him out of power for the sake of all Canadians and our shared future.

  6. As a 67 year old…I decided to retire, even though I still need to work, but I’ve chosen to struggle so that I can experience retirement before I wake up dead. Like family and friends prior to retiring. I can’t afford to vacation so I have to enjoy my “stay’cation”

    1. Iam a widow, and in the very same boat, we will scratch by, but alot of our fellow Canadians won’t, and that is unacceptable, iam 😡 and 😢

    2. My father is currently doing the same. He was a truck driver for 40+years. I’m 38, makes me wonder what it’s going to be like for me or the next generation after.

  7. Justin is an asset of the dragon! He’s literally on tape expressing his love and administration for them! VOTE HIM OUT ASAP‼️

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