PM should use emergency powers to order national lockdown, law and medicine professor says 1

PM should use emergency powers to order national lockdown, law and medicine professor says


University of Ottawa law and medicine professor Amir Attaran says the entire country needs to adopt Quebec’s new lockdown measures.

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    1. Whatever you do, don’t be a goalie… goalie’s have to wear masks. Masks are scary and bad as we know.

  1. Great advice coming from someone who has nothing to lose. He is on the public dime so no risk to him financially. His vacation is already booked

    1. This loser doesn’t even live in Canada. What a joke. American citizen and hasn’t been in the country since October as per his Twitter feed but hey “We are all in this together”

    1. And ironically they are usually the ones who even if the lose thier income will be just fine anyways

    2. @Mark Poitras stop complaining and get a secure income. Not the government’s problem you don’t want to work hard.

  2. Why would Trudeau do that when he will take all the blame when he screws up. He would much rather allow the provinces to decide so they will take the blame. This guys not too bright

    1. But we need everybody on board he says. If one or two provinces don’t agree, then that’s not everybody.

  3. What is he talking about they are still going through this in Australia? This virus didn’t come from the UK? What is this guy smoking??

  4. Great advice form some dame jerk who still gets a pay check no matter what and won’t blame the government who is at fault for this COVID.

  5. Is this the same Attaran that made racial comments, targeted French speaking Canadians, elitism, and advised the government of Canada not support Alberta because he claimed that they mismanaged it?

  6. It’s too late. The time for this was last January right after the military intelligence briefing attended by the Ministers of Health and Defence. The ineptitude of the feral* government knows no limits. The virus will be here for another 18 to 24 months with pop ups forevermore. The unprecedented information that could have saved lives, was sent to almost all provincial health authorities, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. What did they do with it? Nothing therefore they are guilty of gross negligence.

  7. Do your research and you will find that every winter there is a spike in the overall number of deaths from all causes.

  8. More extreme lockdowns for a 99.7 percent recovery rate, that’s not science. This guys a professor not a doctor, those who can’t do teach.

  9. Quebec health minister…
    “There’s no data behind curfews. No flu in Quebec.”
    Wow…Covid eradicated the flu too

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