PM Trudeau accuses Conservatives of treating foreign interference as ‘political theatre’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accuses the Conservatives of making 'political theatre' surrounding foreign election interference in Canada.

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  1. It is political theatre
    If you want it to end, simply appoint someone who a) doesnt get paid by your foundations b) doesnt know your dad and c) is young enough to understand what wifi and tablets are

    1. @Thrill House I mean the guy does have a point. Would you be willing to let anyone from the trump organization investigate trump’s actions? I doubt it.

    2. @Jim Johnson if you think that the Trump Organization and Trudeau Foundation are equivalent, then you’re insane

  2. Way to go Justin! Canadians are grateful for your government’s calm, intelligent and caring government. Glad that Poilievre and his hounds are right where they belong.

    1. @Rick Baker You’re making the position of the liberals worse by making Trudeau supporters look insane.

  3. “politicial theatre”? are you serious. we as canadians deserve the right to know about interference in our elections! we deserve the right to know if the leader of our country knew about and how much he knew and when he was told. this country feels so authoritarian these days. 22, canadian born and raised… i am thinking about leaving this country when i graduate. this is not the same country i grew up in anymore:(

    1. Seriously, do you think there was no interference during the Harper Government? I have been here , born and raised 62 years and it seems the same to me.

    2. You forget this is also part of national security, so no Canadians dont need to know everything as some of it is very sensitive information.

  4. I recall Justin’s typical name calling / finger pointing behavior I witnessed in grade school. I do not recall Harper finger pointing and name calling

  5. That’s an insult to all Canadians. This is a serious issue. We deserve the truth and he deserves to be in jail.

    1. You forget this is also part of national security, so no Canadians dont need to know everything as some of it is very sensitive information. Conservatives are just butthurt for losing the last election and you are buying into it. Lets move onto more important things.

  6. Notice how trudeau immediately bolts after not answering the question? Skippy is terrified of more questions.

    1. Aww. So cute.
      Project sidewinder was an eye opener. You were probably too young to remember it.

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