PM Trudeau comments on gun control in Canada

The prime minister was asked what his government's plans are to prevent criminals from obtaining illegal guns.

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  1. Why did he reverse the minimum mandatory sentences for anyone committing a crime with a gun put in place by the previous government? Too many times we hear of someone committing an offense with a gun only to be released the very next day then given a slap on the wrist by our revolving door justice system.

    1. I haven’t heard of cases like that. Minimum mandatories are proven to be ineffective whenever they’re studied

  2. They don’t take the course, they don’t apply for a license, they don’t have the government recording the serial number of your guns to track it, they don’t let the government know what guns they have in their possession, they don’t have to ask the government to take your gun to a location that has to be approved and go straight back home or they could be charged, they don’t follow storage and transportation laws, etc. This is goofy.

  3. The PM practicing his drama skills or lack thereof , military assault weapons have been banned in Canada since 1977 and the Minister of Justice for Alberta has so much as called trudeau a liar about there $5-6 Billion firearms confiscation . PP for PM

  4. Our gun control laws are very strict thay don’t need to be any stricter like banning the inport of hand guns do u know how much u have to do to get a restricted gun lisence to Evan have a had gun then u need to be member of a gun club or shooting range to evan have a restricted gun lisence and u can only use hand gun’s there or AR type rifles so it’s strict anuff in my opinion!!

  5. The total approx. retail cost of that inventory of oil jugs behind him was worth approx. $1000 last year. This year it’s worth approx. $1,600! This FI is going to turn a “shecession” into a friggin depression.

  6. Broken record, over and over!Take the guns off the citizens let the criminals keep their guns, and vote for the drama queen!Trudeau is so sickening to listen to I think I need to get to the bathroom and vomit

  7. This guy is so out of touch with reality, makes you wonder how he gets his clothes on right in the morning. Sure hope that Pollievre puts him in his place and takes him down !

  8. Yes, he stepped up and kept everyone safe again. By stepping up and making assault weapons illegal. And stepping up to make legal guns illegal. That is to say, keeping Canadians safe in their communities from sport shooters, and collectors, and hunters. What grocery store is he at? Mine are not so well stocked.

  9. “We’re moving forward with a freeze on hand guns”….after his announcement of this sold a record amount of handguns…

  10. Canada already has a lot of illegal guns from past. Yes, it’s hard to bring illegal guns now but many Criminals have guns, guns are being sold within Canada illegally. It would be hard to track down every one of those illegal sellers

  11. Assault rifles are not the weapon of choice among criminals. That’s because they’re hard to conceal. And the freeze on handgun sales isn’t going to change anything because the criminal doesn’t shop at the gun store.

  12. What a joke. Go try to buy a gun in Canada see how far you get. No crimes are being committed by legal gun-owners. Multiple chiefs of police have come out in support of legal gun ownership. He is just playing up an issue, that as a gun owner I can say is not important, to make himself look better.

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