PM Trudeau is isolating after he was exposed to COVID-19

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been exposed to COVID-19 and says he will be isolating for five days, following guidance from Ottawa Public Health.

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    1. Now, now.
      Justin the Believer doesn’t need too many boosters.
      He is confused enough to wear mismatch socks for years now.

    1. @Damon Tsekos I would like the answer to your question as well. Why? I guess we have to put more pressure, writing to conservative representatives, I am not sure.

    2. @Maria Felix …I “write” to the Conservative representatives on every election with my vote when I make it known to them that they are NOT wanted!

  1. How convenient when the convoy is on its way to Ottawa he gets “exposed” and “needs to isolate” . What a disgrace to this country our pm is, what a joke…

  2. He is disregarding his own health policy lol. He doesn’t need to isolate, whats he doing? Follow the science much?

    1. PUBLIC HEALTH say this: as of this post
      cut and pasted here:
      An asymptomatic fully immunized or previously positive worker ARE NOT [emphasis mine] required to self-isolate after a close contact. They should:

      wear a mask and maintain physical distancing when outside of the home
      self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days
      self-isolate immediately if they develop symptoms
      report their exposure to their employer and follow any employer directions

      trudeau is:
      fully vaxxed and boostered
      is asymptomatic
      tested NEGATIVE

    1. It’s a smart playing his part, the protest can’t last forever so all he has to do is stay home until it peters out

  3. Instead of talking with the Truckers Associations, why don’t politicians walk outside and talk to the Truckers

  4. Truckers are coming, and Trudeau disappears😂. It’s like in elementary school when we, as kids, took a sick day to avoid a math test 😂

    1. @Damon Tsekos lmao why the need to bring up the guy who hasn’t been in office for like 7 years now. Trudeau is the one ruining our country right now.

    2. @Fallout_Boy__ ….While you’re at it you also might as well remind your fellow Rightard Doug Ford that for the past three and a half years, he’s been Ontario’s Premier and NOT Kathleen Wynne!

    3. @Damon Tsekos 😂 Kathleen Wynne was a disaster; Liberals are still trying to recover from the damage she did to the party.

    1. He needs time to figure out a Liberal strategy for dealing with the small fringe group of racist inhuman unvaccinated truckers. He might be hiding for awhile.

  5. What a disappointment in leadership. It is incredulous that we are lead by such a person. Liberal voters should be ashamed.

    1. Did you hear though that Freeland is the front runner to replace him. We are so much in trouble in this country. Maybe Trudeau could isolate for eternity.

    2. The trouble was the other sides wasn’t any better than Junior that I had to vote blank the last election.

    3. liberals voters are empowered by this coward because they are all cowards themselves, it takes one to vote for one

    1. But he has been fully vaxxed and boostered. No chance covid will get him or he will get covid. What was the whole point of getting vaxxed??

  6. Well, whether he isolates because he was exposed, or just because he doesn’t want to work…it’s pretty much the same thing.

    1. What? A reasonable prime minister doing exactly what he tells the population they need to do?
      That is the 10% of stupid truckers that are anti-vaxxers. NOT the 90% that are the REAL truckers of Canada.

    2. @TheJimprez Hmm, was he doing “exactly what he tells the population to do” when he was partying unmasked in Scotland? Was it “reasonable” to equate a grassroots protest movement with “fringe extremists”? Side note; I don’t need a PM to tell me what to do in a free country. That’s what dictators are for, and we all know from his own “reasonable” mouth how much he admires those.

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